Top fall bridal shower themes


Top 6 fall bridal shower themes
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If you’re lucky enough to be planning a fall bridal shower, let me say this…

I’m super jealous.

I think we can all agree fall is one of the prettiest and unique seasons of the year. And fall bridal showers are becoming more popular each year. However, it can be a struggle to come up with a theme for a fall bridal shower. 

The good news is we have you covered! 

There’s a lot of fun fall bridal shower themes you can pull off. And what’s best is that they mostly only work during fall, so it will be a truly unique fall bridal shower theme.

Here are our favourite fall bridal shower theme ideas:

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Fall bridal shower theme idea: She’s fallen in love

This theme is super cute for a fall bridal shower! It’s a cute way to incorporate the season AND celebrate love! And, the best part is that you can keep the decor fairly generic and seasonal – think invitations featuring falling leaves, decor in classic fall colours, and seasonal touches like plaid blankets (this one is our personal favourite!), pumpkins, gold metallic accents (like this table runner), hay, sunflowers and bright-coloured leaves.

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Flannel and fizz, she’s becoming a Mrs fall bridal shower theme

I LOVE the idea of incorporating a flannel themed bridal shower to tie in with fall! Encourage guests to get comfy and show up in their favourite flannel pajamas or flannel shirts and leggings and invoke a “morning-after sleepover feel.” This theme is easy to pull off – simply plan to host a brunch, have a mimosa bar, encourage guests to sport their favourite flannel pieces and decorate with the odd plaid blanket here and there. We especially love incorporating red and black buffalo plaid touches into the decor (like this tablecloth), invitations and signage – for some reason, that just screams “cozy fall” to us!

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Navy blue she's fallen in love bridal shower invitation with gold falling leaves
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She’s fallen in love bridal shower theme

A “fallen in love” bridal shower theme is a fun and easy way to incorporate the fall season into your bridal shower. It’s a fun play on words, plus you can use the magic of the fall season and incorporate nature into your bridal shower stationery, decor and menu selection. We’ve created several fallen in love bridal shower invitations that are perfect for your bridal shower theme. Really, anything goes with this fun theme!

Love is Brewing Fall Bridal Shower Invitation with heart latte and beige plaid background
A love is brewing bridal shower is a fun and cosy theme for an autumn bridal shower

Love is brewing bridal shower theme

Although you could technically pull off this theme at other times of the year, a “love is brewing” shower is still most appropriate for fall. It makes me think of curling up in a chair with a warm cup of coffee or tea and a good book on a chilly fall day. And I think a fall bridal shower should feel the same way – an occasion to cozy up with friends and family and celebrate love!  

Again, this is another REALLY easy theme to pull off. Have a coffee and tea bar with a variety of teas available and “accessories” for coffee (think chocolate shavings, flavoured creamers, cinnamon sticks, liqueurs like Kahlua and Bailey’s, etc.) and have disposable coffee cups and tea cups out on display and for guests to use. For favours, a small bag of coffee beans or a cute tea bag holder would be perfect for this theme. 

Have a simple “afternoon tea” type menu – small finger sandwiches, biscotti, muffins and baked goods – and everything will tie in nicely with your coffee/tea bar.

Rustic fall shower theme

A general rustic, fall theme is the perfect way to tie in the season with a celebration of love! Some of our favourite ideas include:

    • Apples, everywhere – buy a bunch of bulk apples and use them everywhere for decor – on tables, on your food buffet, on the guest book sign in…they’re small and easy to put anywhere!
    • Sunflowers – available in abundance at farmer’s markets everywhere this time of year, sunflowers in mason jars add the perfect punch of brightness to your fall shower decor! Keep other decor minimal with some burlap runners and a few lace accents, and you’re good to go!
    • Wheat – we LOVE gorgeous, golden dried wheat stalks in vases for decor! You can buy wheat stalks on Amazon (or, you know, befriend a local farmer if you know one!)
    • Pinecones – again, taking another hint from Mother Nature, pinecones are a great way to bring the fall into your decor! Send your kids/nieces/nephews on a pinecone hunt to collect some to put on your tables for decor, or you can also purchase these ones here to save yourself the time.
    • Metallic gold anything – nothing says ‘fall’ like a touch of gold! We love this gold sequin tablecloth and ‘fall in love’ banner for a subtle touch of metallic to your decor.
    •  Burlap and lace – nothing says elegant, simple and rustic like combining a few key burlap decorations with some lace. I love using burlap table runners and burlap banners for decor, and use some lace ribbon to tie around centerpieces.

Fireside bridal shower fall bridal shower theme

S'mores station for a fireside bridal shower
A s’mores station is a fun idea your guests will love for a fireside bridal shower (photo via Canva Pro)

When you think of fall, one of the first things that pops into my mind is the smell of burning wood and campfire. This cute theme invokes that “cozy and warm” feeling for a bridal shower! If you have a location where you can do a big outdoor fire pit or campfire, consider a fireside bridal shower theme.

It’s easy to pull off – think hay bales for guests to sit on (covered in burlap or potato sacks to avoid a mess!), warm flannel or plaid blankets for guests to wrap around themselves, a hot chocolate or hot apple cider station, s’more station, campfire cooking…the ideas are endless! This is an especially great theme for an outdoorsy or adventurous bride!

We have these perfect warm drink station signs for a fireside bridal shower…available to download instantly, too!

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Apple-y ever after fall bridal shower invitation
Our apple-y ever after bridal shower invitation is a fun way to invite guests to your fall bridal shower

Apple-y ever after bridal shower fall bridal shower theme

Pun-meets-autumn for this fun bridal shower theme idea. Apples are in abundance during the fall season and always signify fall for many. An “apple-y ever after” theme is the perfect fairytale way to shower the bride-to-be before her big day! And incorporating this theme is easy – like using our fun apple-y ever after invitation to invite guests to the shower to incorporating apples everywhere for your decor and doing a hot apple cider bar.

This would also be a super adorable bridal shower theme for a teacher getting married in the fall. The possibilities are really endless with this fun fall bridal shower theme!

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