Top 10 baby sprinkle shower gift ideas


Baby sprinkle shower gift ideas

Baby Sprinkle Gift Ideas

Are you looking for baby sprinkle shower gift ideas?

If you’ve been invited to a baby sprinkle and aren’t sure what it is or what kind of gift to bring, you’ll want to continue reading.

What is a baby sprinkle?

Baby sprinkles are a relatively new baby shower trend, so not everyone quite knows what they are. A sprinkle baby shower is usually reserved for a second or third baby and is thrown when friends and family wish to still “sprinkle” the new little one with a few small gifts.

If you’re hosting a baby sprinkle in the near future or want to know more about sprinkle baby showers, be sure to read my post about how to throw a baby sprinkle shower.

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What kind of gifts to people bring to a baby sprinkle?

Baby sprinkles are more low-key than baby showers, and gifts are much more practical rather than extravagant. The idea is that the parents-to-be already acquired most of the big-ticket items they should need when they had the first child, so a baby sprinkle is often held to welcome baby and “spoil” the little one with smaller, more practical items that will help parents out.

So, let’s get to my top 10  baby sprinkle shower gifts!

Top 10 baby sprinkle gift ideas:

1) Diapers and wipes: you can NEVER go wrong with diapers! Baby will need diapers in ALL sizes, so don’t worry about only getting smaller ones that baby can use right off the bat. In fact, I often like to buy larger sizes for when the baby is older, as I find that is when things start to get more expensive and it really helps the parents out.

Also, baby wipes are an absolute necessity! I opt to buy sensitive wipes, as many babies are often allergic to the fragrances used in regular wipes and get rashes on their bottoms. Here are some of my favourite diaper and wipe products that got my kiddos through the first few years with few messes and reliable protection from leaks (and blowouts!)

2) Gender-specific clothing: If baby #1 was a boy and baby #2 is going to be a girl, the couple will DEFINITELY want some gender-specific clothing. Again, I like to buy clothing in bigger sizes for new parents, since most people tend to buy smaller sizes and baby goes through the smaller sizes much faster (usually) than the bigger sizes.

I suggest buying clothing sizes in the 9-12 month, 12-16 month, 18 month and 2T range – the little one will likely be able to wear them a bit longer than the smaller sizes. 

3) Books: Books are the gift that keep on giving! In my mind, you can never have enough. Plus, it’s almost like a joint gift for the baby and the older sibling, so that’s a win-win. With a baby sprinkle, try to shy away from the classics like “Goodnight Moon” and “Guess How Much I Love you.” There’s a high likelihood that the older siblilng already has the book or the parents received them as a shower gift the first time around.

We’ve compiled our list of all-time favourite kids books to give for a baby gift that will for sure have some unique titles you may not have heard about before.

The Snail and the Whale below is one of my favourite all-time books to read my two little boys – it’s full of great messages about travelling the world, being curious and helping others. Plus, everything rhymes, which is always a hit with the kiddos.

Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site is another family favourite in our house – and even though construction might seem like more of a “boy” thing, this book is great for both genders! 

Rosie Revere, Engineer is also a big hit with both genders! It’s all about how building things is cool, shows the importance of perseverance and teaches young girls that they can be anything they want to be (and teaches boys that girls can do anything, too, which is also an important message for them to hear).

Last but not least, The Day the Crayons Quit is clever, hilarious, and has just as much in it for the reader (Mom and Dad) as it does for the kids. I highly recommend this book of fictitious crayon adventures – it’s a must-have in every children’s book collection.

4) Wine for Mom and Dad: Baby sprinkles don’t need to be JUST about the baby! Help Mom and Dad unwind after a particularly rough day or night with some bottles of wine. Add sarcastic labels to add some humour to their day, too, if you feel like it. They’ll be grateful for the smile you put on their face.

You could even make a fun little basket for the parents-to-be with a couple of new wine glasses, some luxurious chocolate, some yummy snacks, and maybe a wine book, if you wanted to put together a fun little theme basket. Trust me, this gesture would be greatly appreciated by both of them! Unless they don’t drink, of course.

5) Bath and toiletries: 
You can never have too much baby shampoo and washcloths! Put together a bathtime essentials kit for the new little one – soap, shampoo, lotion, washcloths, a new towel, and a new bath toy or two. These are some of my favourite products we used when my little ones were babies:

6) Bibs:
You’re probably thinking, “But they received 1,000 bibs for the first baby!” and you’re probably right, but let me tell you – 999 of them are probably old, grungy looking, stained and are likely already in the trash. Buy a couple new bibs, and it will be something baby’s parents will be thankful for. Double bonus marks for you for sure if you purchase ones like the silicone ones or wipeable material ones below to make for easy clean up and one less item in the never-ending laundry pile.

7) Door latch cover: Even if baby #1 received a door latch cover, which is highly unlikely unless an experienced parent gifted one, baby #2’s door will need one of these babies, too. If you’ve never heard of these, trust me – they are a Godsend! My kids could sleep through anything, even a vacuum being run right next to them while they slept in their bouncy chair. But if I checked on them and ‘clicked’ the door latch as I was trying to slowly close the door while they were sleeping, I might as well have tripped the alarm at the Louvre. Madness ensued! Trust me, get one of these babies to keep your little one in Snoozeville.

8) Utensils, plates, and sippy cups: Again, the family may already have some or all of these items, but trust me, they’ll need more! Plastic gets grungy, chewed up and discoloured quickly, or else the older sibling will still be using the items from before, so new items like these are still necessary.

The silicone plate below is great – it sticks to the surface and makes for an easy clean up!

I’ve personally bought this Eric Carle gift set as a baby shower gift several times, and it’s ALWAYS a hit! Plus it’s a complete dining set, so it comes with a plate, bowel, utensils and cup.

I threw in the fork and spoons here because you can never have enough utensils – they’re always getting dropped on the floor, or you go through so many that you’re constantly pulling them out the dishwasher anyway.

Lastly, you can never have enough sippy cups! If the little one is anything like my two little dragons, they’re constantly carrying around their sippy cups and leaving them who-knows-where, so it’s always nice to have some extra ones on hand when you don’t feel like going through a scavenger hunt for 45 minutes before bedtime.

9) Sound or sleep machines: Yes, there’s a good chance the parents-to-be may have already acquired a sound or sleep machine with the first baby, but chances are, the older sibling is still using theirs and baby will need a new one. Sound machines are the only thing that got my kids to sleep, and they still use them to this day at four and six years-old!

The Fisher Price Wonder aquarium is an absolute Godsend. I’m not kidding you, someone told us to get this for our first born (we never received it as a gift) because they swore that the first time we used it, our little guy would sleep through the night…

Guess what happened? He slept through the night the very first time we used it. I swear up and down that this is a true story!

The Sleep Sheep was also a favourite in our house – and best of all, it can be wrapped around crib bars, hooked onto door pulls, etc. so you can travel with it anywhere and easily find somewhere to set it up. Plus it’s soft and snuggly if the little one wants to sleep with it as they get older.

The Soundspa lullaby projector below is also a favourite in our household – both kids have one! It plays a variety of soothing sounds as well as has three lullabies to choose from, and it has interchangeable disks that put images on the ceiling for the little one to watch.

We don’t personally own the turtle light and sound plush, but several of our friends do and swear by it! Plus it looks really cool at night in a dark room – it lights up and looks like there are a million little stars all over the ceiling and walls, plus they can change colour, too, which is always fun for the little one to watch and get sleepy.

10) Pampering items for Mom: Who says sprinkle showers need to be all about baby? Mama Bear needs peace of mind, too. Put together a relaxing basket for Mom to enjoy on those particularly hard days or at the end of day where she hasn’t had much rest. Trust me, she’ll love you forever.

These are some of my favourite “luxurious” pampering products.

Voluspa candles always smell heavenly, and they are a great gift because, if mom is like me, she can’t really justify spending that kind of $$ on a candle, so she’ll feel overly spoiled if she receives one!

The Herbivore Coconut Milk Soak is the closest thing I’ve ever found to liquid silk! It feels silky smooth and will leave your skin softer than anything before.

Glam GLow  masks are my ULTIMATE favourite. Again, I would have a hard time justifying the price tag on spending this on myself, so the mom-to-be will DEFINITELY feel ultra spoiled if you gift her a jar of ones of these.

And last but not least, a good chick lit book is something EVERY woman can appreciate. Mama can read this while she’s relaxing in the bath, up at night with baby, or enjoying some quiet time during afternoon naps.

I hope you find these ideas useful! There are literally millions of great gifts you can find on Amazon and Etsy that will be suitable for a baby sprinkle, so I encourage you to peruse and find something unique for your sprinkle gift! 

Looking for more practical baby shower gift ideas? Be sure to check out our practical baby shower gift ideas post here.

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