Ideas for a fun virtual girls night in


Ideas for a fun virtual girls night in by Pretty Printables Ink

Looking for ideas on how to have a fun virtual girls night in? With many countries putting shelter-in-place orders and social distancing protocols in effect, virtual parties are becoming THE way to stay in touch during COVID-19. A fun idea is hosting a girls night in! Gather your best girlfriends to meet over Zoom, House Party, Google Hangouts or any other virtual video or meeting app and make a night of it!

Here are some of our favourite ideas to host a fun virtual girls night in:

Virtual Girls Night In Idea #1 – Games night

Host a virtual games night with your girls! There are many games you can play along together virtually, even if you’re separated. These are all some fun, instant download games from our Etsy shop that can help you all play games together virtually:

  • Name that chick flick – this fun game uses quotes from some of the most popular chick flicks of all time. The person to get the most correct in the fastest time wins!
  • 90s trivia game – this 90s trivia game will have you all reminiscing and taking a trip down memory lane when Lisa Frank was everything and the only responsibility you had was keeping your Tamagotchi alive. Sigh, those were the days…
  • 2000s trivia game – back when Paris and Nicole were still best friends, this game is sure to get you laughing about some of the crazy things that happened in the first decade of this century.
  • Online games – there are tons of sources for free online games that you can all play together. The House Party app even has some games built in that allow you to play and meet at the same time.

Virtual girls night in idea #2: Do a craft together

Get your craft on while you talk, sip wine and talk about your latest Netflix obsessions. We’ve put together a list of crafts you can do together during your virtual girls night in.

Virtual girls night in idea #3: Take an online cooking course together

Many restaurants and local chefs got creative during these trying times and have started offering virtual cooking courses! Or, scour YouTube to find a tutorial you all want to try together. Simply cast the online course/YouTube video to your TV while you’re meeting virtually on your phone/device and learn how to cook a new dish together!

Virtual girls night in idea #4: Make a signature drink you can drink together

Find a signature drink recipe you can share before the meeting so that everyone has time to gather the ingredients beforehand. Then mix your drink, sit back and enjoy as you sip together.

Virtual girls night in idea #5: Host a virtual chick flick marathon

What’s better than a good chick flick marathon? Watching your favourite chick flicks together in your comfiest PJs! Pick a movie or two everyone can watch on their streaming service and then catch up while your favourite flicks play in the background. And, as noted above, our name that chick flick game would make the perfect activity you can all do together for this activity!

Best book club books for 2020Virtual girls night in idea #6: Host a virtual book club

What better time to renew your love of reading than during a pandemic? It’s really easy to host a virtual book club, and you can continue with it once it’s safe to gather again. We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite book club books so far this year if you need some ideas on good books that are enjoyable and will give you lots to talk about.

Virtual girls night in idea #7: Freezer meal prep 

Do a freezer meal prep night together! Have everyone share a freezer meal recipe beforehand so that you can all go out and get the groceries you’ll need. Then simply meet virtually so you can talk while you’re getting your prep on! You’ll have meals for the week AND you can catch  up with your girlfriends – win/win!

Virtual girls night in ideas #8: Virtual wine tasting

Take an online virtual wine tasting course together or have everyone put forward a wine and cheese pairing suggestion before you meet. Everyone gets their own wine/cheese and you can walk one another through each pairing to talk about why you chose it, flavour profiles, etc.

We hope you enjoyed our ideas for how to have a fun virtual girls night in! If you’re looking for other virtual party ideas, we’ve also shared ideas on how to host:

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