How to host a gender reveal party


With events and celebrations, fads and trends come and go, but some stick around. And it looks like gender reveal parties are here to stay!

Gender reveal parties can be a really fun way to tell your guests whether you’re having a little boy or little girl.

But there are so many fun ways to do it!

Read on for our tips on fun ways to throw a gender reveal party.

Blue or pink – what do you think? 

gender reveal invitation
Our adorable blue or pink printable gender reveal party invitation is the perfect way to invite guests to find out what baby will be!

This theme is really easy to pull off. Start with a fun blue and pink invitation to tell your guests they’re invited to a gender reveal. Decor for the party can be pretty simple – have blue and pink streamers, balloons and other decor hung up. If you want, have guests “cast their ballot” when they arrive to say whether they’re Team Blue or Team Pink.

Show me the cake

For the reveal itself, the opportunities are endless! Some couples like to bake a cake that they cut into with their guests surrounding them. The inside of the cake is filled with candy or icing in the colour of baby’s gender.

Signed, sealed, delivered

Other couples like to stuff helium-filled balloons that are either blue or pink into a giant box that’s all sealed. Guests will gather around the couple and the box, and the couple will open the box together. The balloons will float out of the box up into the air to reveal baby’s gender to guests.

Smoke bomb, smoke bomb

Another fun way to deliver the news to guests is to purchase coloured smoke bombs off sites like Amazon that will either reveal blue or pink smoke. These can come in all sorts of forms – we’ve seen everything from golf balls that implode upon impact to powder and confetti cannons that couples set off together. This website here has a lot of really unique smoke bombs you can purchase.

Set a fun theme

There are lots of fun themes you can use that don’t need to involve around blue or pink. Here are some of our favourite ideas:

    • Staches or lashes
    • Bows or bowties
    • Twinkle, twinkle little star, how we wonder what you are
    • What will baby bee? (bee-themed)
    • Wheels or heels
    • Putters or pearls
    • Racecars or ruffles
  • Prince or princess

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