Tips for Hosting an Adult Halloween Party


If you’re hosting an adult Halloween party, we’ve got a ton of great ideas for you. It can be as easy or as complex as you want to, depending on how much time, effort and money you want to put into it.

Follow these tips below to plan an amazing adults Halloween party.

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Tip #1: Make your guest list

Decide who you want to invite to your party. This can all depend on where you’re hosting the party and how many people can comfortably fit in space, so be sure to keep that in mind. People you may want to invite can include:

    • Close friends
    • Family
    • Work colleagues
    • Neighbours
    • Clients or potential clients
    • Acquaintances from extracurricular activities (rec sports, Book Clubs, volunteer activities, etc.)
    • Church friends

Tip #2: Plan a costume contest

Plan a fun Halloween costume contest! Everyone loves a great excuse to dress up for Halloween. You can even plan to have different fun categories for people to win, like scariest costume, best couple, best homemade costume, etc. You can either tell your guests about your fun plans in advance or save it as a surprise for your adult Halloween party. 

Tip #3: Give out fun Halloween costume prizes:

If you’re doing a Halloween costume contest at your adult Halloween party, have some small prizes on hand to give out the winners. You can do things like:

  • Make cheap trophies or medals with the fun costume contest category on printed on them (just use some labels and stick them on the trophies/medals). Or, buy these Halloween best costume trophies from Amazon. 
  • Make up little treat bags filled with Halloween candy
  • Give away small gift cards (like $5 Starbucks cards, etc.)
  • Give out little minis of alcohol

If you are planning a costume party, be sure to include this information on your invitation so guests know to come in costumes. Which leads us to our next tip…

Customized Halloween invitations by Pretty Printables Ink
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Tip #4: Send out fun Halloween invitations

Send out a fun Halloween invitation to get guests excited for your event! We have several Halloween invitations in our Etsy shop. Skip the free or generic invitations online – chances are, everyone has already received one of those at some point, or it will end up in a junk folder somewhere. A unique, fun invitation will stand out and make your guests want to come to your party. All our invitations are customized for you and can be embedded as a JPEG in an email if you want to email your guests rather than printing Halloween party invitations.

Tip #5: Have some awesome Halloween decorations

Besides getting to dress up in a costume, the next best thing about planning an adult Halloween party is decorating your house or party venue!  We love incorporating these fun ideas into your Halloween party decor for an extra spook-tacular touch:

Fun adult Halloween games
1. Which Witch is Which Game by Pretty Printables Ink on Etsy || 2. Halloween Charades via Amazon || 3. Pick Your Poison Game via Amazon || 4. Scary Movie Trivia Game by Pretty Printables Ink

Tip #6: Plan some fun adult Halloween games

Keep your guests entertained with some fun adult Halloween games. We like these ideas below, and you can find more on our Pinterest board:

We’ve saved lots of fun ideas to our Halloween Pinterest board, so be sure to check it out for more ideas and inspiration!

Tip #7: Have lots of ghoulish eats, treats and drinks

Halloween is definitely the season of sugar overload! While kids love Halloween candies and treats, we also encourage you to have a mix of healthy and sweet treats at your party. That sugar crash and too much fun is a recipe for disaster! And, don’t forget to ask about food allergies when guests RSVP!

Halloween mummy's in a blanket
Image via Canva Pro paid subscription

Here are some of our favourite Halloween food ideas and Halloween recipes:

Here are some fun Halloween drink recipes for an adult Halloween party (all alcoholic, of course):

Halloween drinks - blood syringe shots
Halloween shots in syringe vials are alwasy a perfect touch

Fun ways to serve your adult Halloween beverages:

Those are just some of our favourite Halloween food and drink ideas! We have a lot more on our Pinterest Halloween board, so take a look there for even more Halloween treat and food ideas.

Adult Halloween party photo booth
A fun photo booth picture is a great Halloween party favor for an adult Halloween party. Picture via Canva Pro paid subscription.

Tip #8: Take some fun photos

Be sure to capture all the fun! We think it’s a really fun idea to have a photo booth at your party so guests can be silly and have some fun after a few ghoulish drinks. Buy a back-drop and some photo props so guests can strike a pose.

Tip #9: Give out memorable party favors

Our last tip is to have a little takeaway at the door for guests as they’re leaving. We like the idea of buying an Instax camera and giving guests a photo of all the fun they had on the way out. The photo can either be from the photo booth mentioned above or from photos you took with the Instax camera throughout the evening

We hope you enjoyed our nine tips for planning an adult Halloween party! Please share this on Pinterest if you enjoyed the tips we’ve shared, and don’t forget to follow our Halloween Pinterest board for lots of other great Halloween ideas.

And if you’re looking for tips for how to host a kids’ Halloween party, check out our kids’ Halloween party tips post here with our top 10 tips.

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