Everything you need to know about display showers


Let’s face it. Traditions are changing. And baby showers and bridal showers are no exception.

One of the big trends we’re seeing is the rise of display showers for bridal showers and baby showers.

We’re seeing display showers happening more frequently for both bridal and baby showers. Read on to learn more about display showers, how to host display showers and how to tell guests what a display shower is.

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What is a display shower?

During a traditional bridal shower or baby shower, a large chunk of time is typically used for the bride-to-be or the mom-to-be to open gifts.

A display shower really switches this up. At a display shower, guests bring their gifts unwrapped and simply attach a gift tag, ribbons, bows or a card to them.

But if you’re one of those people who enjoys seeing the gifts received, (I mean, come on, we have to still be able to ooooh and ahhhh at all those adorable baby outfits, right?!) you still get to see all the gifts because they’re set out for all to see.

How to explain what a display shower is

When you’re sending out your invitations, simply include an insert card explaining that the shower will be a display shower and what guests are supposed to do with their gifts.

We have a variety of adorable display shower insert cards for sale in our Etsy shop that includes a cute poem to explain how it all works. They come in baby shower and bridal shower versions.

Display shower insert cards from Pretty Printables Ink

While we have many display shower inserts available in our Etsy Shop, here are some of our bestsellers:

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When is a display shower a good idea?

You should consider a display shower for several reasons:

  • If there’s a large number of people attending the shower. It allows more time for everyone to mingle and talk, rather than trying to get through unwrapping 100 presents.
  • If the bride-to-be or mom-to-be is shy or doesn’t like having all the attention on her, this is a great way to avoid that scenario.
  • If you have an eco-friendly bride or mom-to-be, clean up is minimal and there’s little harm to the environment since paper isn’t being wasted.

Reasons you might not want to do a display shower

You might want to reconsider a display shower if:

  • The guest of honour is private and would prefer to not have everyone see what they received. This can still be the case if you’re unwrapping gifts, too, but the guest of honour may not have passed the gifts around in the first place.
  • you’re only hosting a small number of guests, it’s still fun for everyone to see what the bride-to-be or mom-to-be unwraps and won’t take too long.
  • the bride or mom-to-be is very traditional, you might want to stick to tradition.
  • you’re hosting the shower at a smaller home or venue, you may want to reconsider a display bridal shower. You’ll need ample space to set up tables or an area where guests can put their gifts on display.
  • the bride or mom feels awkward about making guests feel like they “need” to bring gifts. In most cases, guests bring gifts anyway, but if you think this will make the guest of honor feel awkward in any way, you may want to reconsider a display shower

Examples of display shower wording

We have some really cute instant download display shower inserts in our Etsy shop to save you some work, but here are some fun poems to explain what a display shower is if you want to go the DIY route:

Display shower poem #1
We’re hosting a display shower

For the lucky (mom or bride)-to-be,
Please bring your gift unwrapped with a tag
For all the guests to see.

Display shower poem #2
Your thoughtful gift
will be put on display,
so no need to wrap it in any way.
A ribbon or twine will do just fine,
Leaving the (mom or bride)-to-be with more time to mingle and dine.

Display shower poem #3:
We’ll be opening gifts in a different way;
To save some time on this special day.
Write your name on a tag and attach a bow
On your unwrapped gift for us to show.
Gifts will be displayed for all to see,
So you’ll have more time with the (mom or bride)-to-be.

Display shower poem #4:
Traditions are changing and showers are, too.
So here’s an idea we’re hoping you’ll do.
Bring your gift without paper or a bag,
Simply use a bow and attach a gift tag.
An unwrapped present is just as sweet,
And will save more time to mingle and eat.
We’ll display your gift for all to see,
So we can relax and honor the (mom or bride)-to-be!

What kind of gifts do you bring to a display shower?

People may ask about what kind of gift to bring. But it’s really quite simple – stick to what’s on the registry! Most parents and brides-to-be complete baby registries or wedding registries so guests know what items they want or need.

In the past, registry information never used to be displayed on bridal shower or baby shower invitations, but that’s changed now. It’s actually more uncommon to not include the registry information on baby shower or bridal shower invites!

One thing you might want to reconsider or stay away from is an overly personal gift, since the items will be on full display. If you were planning on buying lingerie or something sexual in nature, it may be embarrassing to the bride. Consider a different gift item to bring, or else give your gift to the bride privately at another time.

Other considerations for a display shower

If you’re the hostess for a display shower, you’ll want to ensure you have a few essential items on hand and enough space to display the items.

Here are our display shower essentials we suggest having:

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