How to host a classy lingerie shower


How to host a classy lingerie shower

Thinking of throwing a lingerie shower for the bride-to-be? There are many things to consider, and a lot of it depends on the bride’s personality. Here are our tips on how to throw a classy lingerie shower that won’t embarrass the bride and keeps things tasteful.

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What is a lingerie shower?

A lingerie shower is different from a traditional bridal shower. Rather than guests bringing traditional gifts for the home, guests shower the bride with gifts like lingerie and robes to celebrate the couple’s wedding night, honeymoon and beyond. Lingerie showers are usually more casual and suited for a laid-back bride who doesn’t embarrass too easily. This is also a great bridal shower theme idea for a bride who already has many items for her home and doesn’t “need” traditional bridal shower gifts.

Classy lingerie shower invitation
Our classy lingerie shower invitation is a perfect way to invite guests to a lingerie shower

Hosting a classy lingerie shower

First, set the tone for the bridal shower by sending out a tasteful and classy bridal shower invitation. The overall look, feel and wording will indicate to your guests that this is meant to be a tasteful lingerie shower and not a raunchy lingerie and sex toy party (more on that, later).

Go for invitations that show elegant underwear and lingerie and clearly indicate it is a lingerie shower for the bride-to-be. We have several lingerie shower invitations in our Etsy shop that we think will perfectly suit what you’re looking for. 

Wording for a lingerie shower invitation

To help indicate that this is meant to be a classy lingerie shower, you want to carefully consider your wording. We suggest even indicating that racier items should be left for another occasion, like the bachelorette party, in the text somewhere if you have space.

Rose and lingerie bridal shower invitation
Our rrose and lingerie invitation is the perfect way to invite guests to a classy lingerie shower for the bride-to-be.

Some of the following poems are perfect wording for a lingerie shower invitation:

Something sexy lingerie shower poem
Something sexy, something sweet
Something to knock (groom’s name) off his feet

Ooh la la lingerie shower poem
Nighties, robes and a satin bra,

Let’s shower (bride’s name) with lingerie to make (groom’s name) say, “Ooh la la.”

Sugar and spice lingerie poem
A little sugar and a little spice,
Something naughty and something nice.

Decorations for a lingerie shower

Something sexy, something sweet printable sign with watercolor lingerie
Our something sexy, something sweet sign can be printed and put into a photo frame for instant decor for your lingerie shower or bachelorette party.

Decorating for a lingerie shower is fun and easy! Decor can be kept elegant and simple like it is for other occasions. Use things like bride-to-be banners, foil balloons and streamers to dress up the space (you could even match them to the couple’s wedding colours). 

You could also purchase some cute panties and hang them up on some string against a wall to tie-in the lingerie theme. Added bonus: the bride can keep the underwear you use as a decoration.

Check out our printable lingerie shower signs in our Etsy shop for more easy lingerie shower decor ideas.

Fun lingerie shower games

Drop your panties game
Our printable drop your panties game comes with a printable insert to include with your invitations and a sign for the shower where guests should “drop their panties” for the bride-to-be to guess who brought them.

Drop your panties or guess the panties game
If you’re looking to do something a little different for a lingerie shower game, we love the idea of doing a “drop your panties” or “guess the panties” game and having guests bring an unwrapped pair of panties that best reflects the guest’s personality (make sure they buy the underwear in the bride’s size, though). Here’s how to play:

  1. Tell guests to bring a pair of panties that reflects their personality. 
  2. Have a “drop your panties” station at the entrance of the shower venue with a basket to collect the panties. 
  3. When you’re ready to play, take the basket of underwear over to the bride and have everyone gather in a circle so everyone can see the bride hold each pair up.
  4. Have the bride hold up each piece of underwear and try to guess which guest brought them. At the end of the game, the bride gets to keep the panties (so make sure the guests bring a pair in her size).

Bra pong
Just like the traditional drinking game, but the female edition! Make up your own DIY bra pong board with bras and see which guest can get the most ping pong balls in the {bra} cups! 

Our lingerie bingo cards make the perfect lingerie shower activity! Available in several colours and versions to choose from.

Lingerie bingo
Using one of our lingerie bingo cards, have each guest take a card and pen. Each guest will fill out a square with items they think the bride-to-be might receive. For example, guests could put down items like:

  • Matching bra and panty set
  • Something red
  • Lacy baby doll
  • Satin dressing gown
  • Feather slippers
  • Something seethrough
    …you get the idea.

The first guest to get a full row can win a prize (a bottle of champagne, perhaps, or maybe a gift card to a local lingerie shop?) 

Lingerie gifts for the bride-to-be

Some guests might be unsure of what to get the bride, especially if they’re a family member or someone who isn’t a close friend. 

If you’re hosting a lingerie shower, you may get asked by guests what to buy for the bride. For those who are unsure, a classic matching bra and underwear set is always appreciated. You could also suggest a nice robe or satin nightie as well. That way, the pieces aren’t as risque as something that other guests might buy and it will keep the guest purchasing the gift and the bride, who is receiving it, comfortable.

Check out our lingerie shower gift ideas for any bride…

Lingerie size insert for lingerie shower
Our lingerie size inserts are an classy way to share the bride’s measurements with guests for a lingerie shower

Since most lingerie is not refundable, we strongly, strongly suggest putting the bride’s bra, panty and lingerie size on the invitation, or better yet, use one of our lingerie size inserts to include the information with your formal lingerie shower invitation.

How to ensure you keep the lingerie shower classy

As I mentioned above, your lingerie shower invitation will really set the tone for the lingerie shower to show that it’s not meant to be a raunchy lingerie/sex toy party. Pick one of our lingerie invitations that are classy and sophisticated, with soft watercolor lingerie images or a fun and modern lingerie shower invitation

You can definitely set the tone in your wording and poem on the invitation, too. If you want to ensure that the bride’s Grandma doesn’t have to see her unwrapping a toy, you can even politely state that the bride would appreciate if toys and suggestive lingerie were reserved for another occasion, like the bachelorette party.

Pin up bachelorette lingerie party
Our pin-up bachelorette lingerie invitation. This can also be customized for a lingerie bridal shower.

But what if I want to host a wild and sexy lingerie shower?

There is definitely something fun and entertaining about hosting a more wild lingerie shower. But we highly recommend saving this for another occasion, like the bachelorette party. That way, the bride’s family and co-workers are likely not attending that portion of the event, and the bride can relax, have fun with it, and not be embarrassed.

We also have several bachelorette lingerie invitations in our shop, and we know you’ll find something to fit your event.

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