Beach bachelorette essentials


If you’re in the process of planning a beach bachelorette bash, there are a few essential items you’ll want to make sure you bring along with you.

Beach bachelorette parties are a blast. Whether you’re planning a bachelorette beach weekend in another city or you’re lucky enough to live close to the ocean and are making the beach just one activity on your itinerary, here are some essential items any great beach bachelorette party should have.

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Beach bachelorette essential #1: Matching apparel

Stand out from the beach crowd and have everyone that’s part of your bachelorette party sport some sort of matching apparel. Whether you get coordinating bathing suits, matching sunglasses, bachelorette tank tops  or cute matching beach towels, any of these ideas below would be a cute matching item for your bach bash to sport:


Beach bachelorette essential #2: Cute cover-ups

Whether you’re going to be hanging poolside or catching some rays on a sandy beach, a cute cover-up is a must-have for any beach bachelorette.


Beach bachelorette essential #3: A super hot swimsuit

You’re going to be the biggest smokeshows on the beach, so make sure you pack a few fantastic swimsuits for the weekend to keep you looking fabulous:



Looking for even more great beach bachelorette swimsuits? Check out our best beach bachelorette bathing suits post. We’ve shared our best finds ranging from ultra-sexy swimsuits to the best plus-size suits for curvy women!

Beach bachelorette essential #4: Fantastic floats

What would a beach bachelorette be without a fantastic float? Stand out in the crowd with some of these favourites we found on Amazon:


Beach bachelorette essential #5: Customized cups

The weather is hot, the sun is out and you and the girls need to get your drink on! These customized glasses are the best way to get your drink on and have a wild time:


Beach bachelorette essential #6: Tote bags

You need to haul all your stuff to the beach so you don’t need to make a million trips back to your hotel or car. These cute beach totes will cart everything you need so you can worry about having a great time instead of forgetting something:


Beach bachelorette essential #7: Fun bachelorette games

Sure, suntanning is great, but you need to make it fun for the bride and bachelorette guests! Try one of our beach-themed printable games to add a little sun and fun to your bach bash:

Beach bachelorette games
Links for games: 1. Bachelorette drink if game || 2. How well do you know the bachelorette || 3. Bachelorette scavenger hunt





Beach bachelorette essential #8: Tattoos

Leave your jewellery and accessories behind and sport these fun bachelorette tattoos instead. You won’t have to worry about losing anything in the ocean or the bottom of the pool, and the salt water won’t wreck anything!


Beach bachelorette essential #9: A fun towel

You’re going to be enjoying some sun and soaking up some rays on the beach. So why not sport a super fun towel to lounge on and enjoy your day in the sun? We love these ones here:


Beach bachelorette essential #10: A cute hat

You’ll be out in the heat for a while and you’ll be drinking, so make sure to protect your head from the sun once in awhile with a cute hat. We love these adorable sunhats and customized hats:

Beach bachelorette essential #11: A great book to read

Even though you’ll probably be busy and on-the-go, you might get a few minutes of quiet time at the beach or pool to enjoy a good book. We’ve shared some of our favourite beach reads here below, and you can get even more awesome ideas here on our best summer beach reads post.

Beach bachelorette essential #12: A top-quality sunscreen

The Ordinary mineral sunscreenLook, we all love a tan, but it’s getting more important than ever to make sure you protect your skin to avoid early aging, wrinkles and any type of skin cancer. We LOVE The Ordinary’s mineral sunscreen for this! Simply apply it first thing in the morning before you add your facial moisturizer (which, we also love The Ordinary’s HA moistuirizer for a nice, light-weight facial cream!) and you’re set. Reapply as needed, especially once you’ve been in the water.

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