How to throw a baby sprinkle shower


One of the baby shower trends for 2018 that I am loving is a sprinkle baby shower. Although this bridal shower theme has been around for a few years, it’s really seen an upswing in popularity this year. Just look on Pinterest and Etsy, and you’ll see a lot of inspiration for a sprinkle theme!

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What is a sprinkle baby shower?

You may be asking yourself, “What, exactly, is a baby sprinkle?”

Baby sprinkles are typically thrown for a second or third baby instead of a traditional baby shower. The idea is that the parents-to-be already have a lot of the baby essentials from the first child, but a baby sprinkle still celebrates the arrival of the new little one in a toned-down fashion and allows guests to bring smaller, newer gifts or practical gifts that will help the parents out.

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How do I plan a baby sprinkle?

If you’re the hostess, the bad news is that even though a baby sprinkle is a more low-key affair than a baby shower, there’s still lots of work ahead for you. You still need to:

    • Work with the Mom/parents-to-be to nail down a date and time that works for everyone
    • Get a list of guest names to invite. The guest list is typically smaller than a traditional baby shower and usually only includes close friends and family, but again, work with the parents-to-be to determine who to invite.
    • Pick an appropriate venue for your baby sprinkle
    • Select and send out invitations for the baby sprinkle
    • Decide on food and beverages to serve
    • Put together cute favours for guests
  • Decide if you’re going to do any planned activities, or leave it as an open-house style where guests drop in and leave as they please

Coordinate your planning with the Mom or the parents-to-be. Work with them to plan the sprinkle they would like. Baby sprinkles are typically more laid back than baby showers, so often couples and families are encouraged to attend, and it’s more of an “open-house” style where guests come and go as they please.

Baby sprinkle invitation wording 

Baby sprinkles are a relatively new baby shower trend, so don’t assume that everyone will know what it is or what to expect! It may be helpful to include some wording on your invitation explaining what a baby sprinkle is, or be prepared to answer questions when guests email, text or call you to RSVP.

It will also be helpful to include a link to a registry on the invitation if the parents are setting one up, or else give a few examples of what kinds of practical gifts could be helpful. See our section below for some baby sprinkle gift ideas.

We have a variety of baby sprinkle invitations you can choose from in our Etsy shop to help you out!

What kind of gifts should I suggest to guests who ask what to bring to a baby sprinkle?

Now that you’re well-versed on the baby shower vs. baby sprinkle differences, one of the questions your guests will ask is, “What kind of gift do a bring for a baby sprinkle?”

I always love giving books for gifts. We’ve compiled our favourite all-time books that make a perfect baby shower gift. From classics to books about adventure, our list of favourite books is a great place to start looking for some awesome new books to add to baby’s library.

The key here is practical, my friends. If the parents-to-be don’t have a dedicated registry, suggest practical ideas for guests to help out the new parents. I’ve put together my list of favourite baby sprinkle items here for you to check out:

Baby sprinkle shower gift ideas

Decoration and food ideas for a baby sprinkle shower

There’s a lot of super cute baby sprinkle decorations and baby sprinkle food ideas on Pinterest. We’ve compiled a few of our favourite ideas and shared them here on our Pinterest board.

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