20 Awesome Bachelorette Game Ideas


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20 Awesome Bachelorette Game Ideas

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Can I get real with you for a second?

Call me old-fashioned, but I miss the good ‘ol days where you went to a bachelorette party and expected to play some wild and/or cheesy bachelorette games.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I also love the idea of a low-key spa weekend away or some laidback pool lounging with the girls, but you can still have some wild fun thrown into the mix, right?

It seems that nowadays, bachelorette parties are foregoing the wild antics and crazy, fun, and sometimes embarrassing bachelorette games of years past. Or else, brides are foregoing the traditional bachelorette party and hosting a couple’s stag and doe instead – BO-RING. Don’t even get me started on that one.

But today, let’s vow together to bring back the fun bachelorette party!

I’ve compiled 20 awesome bachelorette games that I PROMISE will bring fun, laughter, and maybe some wild antics to your bachelorette party. I’ve even thrown in a few tamer games for the brides that don’t want to have anything crazy but can still make sure everyone has some good, clean fun, too.

So if you’re in the process of planning a bachelorette party for your bestie, look no further than my list of top 20 games below to help come up with the perfect activities for the evening.


Slightly risqué game ideas

These bachelorette games are the perfect line between wild and crazy and moderate fun. These kind of games are a good idea when you have a group of women together who don’t know each other that well, but you still want everyone to have a good time at the bachelorette party:

1) Finish the bachelorette’s sentence

Ask the bride-to-be a series of sentences before the party. Then, print off a card for each guest with the exact same sentences you asked the bride and have guests answer with what they think the bride said for her answer. The guest with the most answers closest to what the bride said wins a prize! Or, to make this into a drinking game, have the bride take a shot for each answer that a guest gets correct and make everyone else take a shot for each answer they get incorrect.

2) Drop your panties

Have each guest bring a pair of panties to the bachelorette party. When guests arrive, have them drop their panties into a bowl, bag or container. The bride then has to take each pair out, show them off, and guess who brought each pair. If the bride guesses the guest’s pair correctly, the guest has to take two shots; if the bride guesses incorrectly, she has to take one shot.

3) Pin the kiss on the hunk

Pin the tail on the donkey gets a bachelorette edition of this classic game! Just like the popular kid’s birthday party game, each guest takes a turn being blindfolded. They then have to pin the “lips” or “kiss” on the hunk (a giant blown up picture of a hot celebrity or male model). The person closest to getting their “lips” on the hunk’s lips wins.

4) How well do you know the bachelorette?

Interview the bachelorette prior to the bachelorette party and ask her a series of questions. Then, put those questions together on a card that each guest gets at the bachelorette party. Have each guess answer the questions, and the guest who has the most answers correct wins a prize.

Wild bachelorette party games

If you want your guests to get really wild, risqué and rowdy, these wild bachelorette party games get a total XXX and NSFW rating to make sure everyone has some wild and crazy fun. These games are even more fun if you leave them until later in the night once everyone’s had a few drinks in their system.

1) Drink or porn?

This game is an original game that we made up ourselves – you won’t find this anywhere else (unless we’ve been copied, and then that’s just not cool, is it?!) This is a take on the popular ‘porn or polish’ game, so if you feel like mixing things up, this is a fun new game your guests likely have not played. How it works: there’s a numbered list of risqué and suggestive names that either belong to a drink you can order at the bar or a porn film. Each guest then checks off whether they believe the name is a drink or a porn film. The guest with the most correct answers wins!

2) Bachelorette scavenger hunt

A game reserved best for the bar, this scavenger hunt is a sure way to get everyone having a wild and sexy night. Have guests form teams and tackle the “to-do” items on their scavenger hunt list. Be sure to have everyone get photos of each item to prove they actually completed each task. The team to finish the list first, wins! (or, if it’s taking too long, the team that completes the most tasks wins). Bonus: you can make up your own prizes for certain items on the list (for example, give out prizes to the team with the best photo of the night, the wildest photo of the night, etc.).

3) Dirty Pictionary

Ahhhh, yes. Proof that you can take any ordinary game and make it into something sexy and racy! Pictionary gets an adult makeover with this bachelorette game. It’s played just like the regular game of Pictionary except the items and pictures to draw that get wild and racy.

4) Never have I ever

Be prepared to learn a LOT of things you never knew about your friends with this game! Everyone sits in a circle (drinks in hand!). The bride
starts with a statement of something she’s never done, like “Never have I ever slept with my boyfriend’s best friend.” Anyone who has done whatever the person states has to take a drink. The game continues by moving on to the next person to the bride’s left, who then makes their statement, and so on and so forth. You can finish the game after everyone goes around the whole circle, or you can continue until you’re ready to call it quits – there’s no rule around how long or short the game should be. Or, if you want a more formatted version, you can purchase this game off Amazon.

5) Porn or polish

Each guest receives a card with suggestive names on it that either is the name of a nail polish or a porn film. Each guest then checks off whether they believe the name is a nail polish or a porn film. The guest with the most correct answers wins!

Bachelorette drinking games

I mean, the whole purpose of a bachelorette party is to get a little liquored up, right? These games will get your guests relaxed and in the mood to paaarrrrty (a la Kristin Wigg in Bridesmaids):

1) Prosecco Pong

Beer pong takes a classy turn with this fun prosecco pong game. The rules are just like this favourite college game: split the guests into two teams. Each team lines up their glasses on their end of the table. Team members then take turns bouncing the ping pong ball off the table and into their opponent’s glasses. If the team gets their ping pong ball into one of their opponent’s glasses, the opposing team has to take a drink. Each team then continues to take turns until you decide the game is over.

2) Drink if game

Similar to ‘never have I ever,’ this game encourages guests to drink for any item they’ve done. How it works: a card is passed around that has several “drink if…” statements on it. Each guest reads a sentence out loud, like “Drink if you’ve ever had a one night stand.” Everyone who has had a one night stand takes a drink. The guest then passes the card to the guest next to them, and that person reads the next game, and so on. The game is done once all the statements have been read.

Plot twist: if the statement applies to the bride, she has to take two drinks. It is her bachelorette party, after all.

3) Bachelorette Jeopardy

You can guarantee Alex Trebek would never ask these questions on Jeopardy!

Supplies you’ll need:

    • Envelopes (with different “drink” values listed on each one. For example, 1 drink, 2 drinks, 3 drinks, 4 drinks, 5 drinks instead of the traditional 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 point values used on Jeopardy)
    • Glue (highly recommend a glue tape like Tombow for best results)
  • Markers for putting point values on the outside of the envelope

How to play: Start with the guest who has the closest birthday to the bride-to-be. If the guest gets the question right, the bride has to take the number of drinks on the card; if the guest gets the answer incorrect, they have to take the number of drinks on the card. Keeping playing until all the questions have been asked.

4) Bra pong

Just like beer pong, but better. Take some old bras (head to a Goodwill store to score some cheap finds) and use a staple gun to adhere to a piece of plywood. If you want to make this look pretty, I suggest spray painting the plywood a fun colour like metallic gold or hot pink to make it look nice 🙂 Staple the bras onto the wood, ensuring the cups are bulging out to catch ping pongs . Stagger them in different spots throughout the board and mark a “drink value” next to each bra (ex. “1 drink”, “2 drinks,” “3 drinks.”How to play: split guests into teams. You’ll want to push a table up against a wall and support the plywood on the wall. Have a member from each team take turns bouncing a ping pong off the table and trying to get it into a bra. If the player gets the ping pong ball into the bra, the opposing team must take however many drinks are listed as the “value” next to that bra. Play until each team member has had a chance to go twice (or whenever you decide time is up).

Supplies you will need:

    • Sheet of plywood (found at your local hardware store)
    • Marker to write point values next to each bra

5) Bachelorette ring toss game

An easy DIY drinking game! Collect empty wine bottles and spray paint them different colours (hot pink, black or gold, perhaps?) Tie a “point value” card around each one using a plain piece of paper and some twine. Then, place either on the floor spaced out, or to make it harder, place them in a wooden crate close together.

How to play: split guests into two teams. Alternate turns between each team and have each member take a turn at tossing the ring. If a ring lands around the neck of one of the bottles, the opposing team must take the number of drinks listed as the “value” on the tag around the bottle the ring landed on. The game is done once each team member has gone twice, or whenever you feel like, really.

Note: a XXX version of this game is available on Amazon in case you want to make this game a bit racier and don’t have time to DIY…

Supplies needed to make a DIY ring toss game:

    • Empty wine bottles (either recycled or you can buy these ones here)
    • Rubber rings (tip: spray paint these, too, to make them match or complement your spray painted wine bottles!)
  • Markers for writing points values on cards

Tame bachelorette games

If you want to still play some FUN games without being too racy (we get it…it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to do racy or cheesy bachelorette games!) here are some fun, tame bachelorette games to play at your bachelorette party:

1) Couples game

Also commonly called, “the newlywed game,” have the bride-to-be look at the questions on the card before the bachelorette party and answer each statement about whether it applies more to the bride or the groom. For example, she would answer a question like, “Who is the messiest?” Each guest then gets a card with the same questions on it and circles whether they think it applies more to the bride or the groom. Once everyone is done, have the bride read each sentence aloud and tell everyone what her answer was. The guest with the most correct according to how the bride answered wins!

2) What’s on your phone

This game always gets guests talking and laughing! Each guest receives a card with different items listed on it and a point value assigned to each item. Guests then look in their phone and check off which items they have. Tally up each guest’s points, and the guest with the most points wins a prize! You can choose to announce which items the winning guest had in their phone, if you want, to make everyone have some laughs, but this isn’t necessary for the game.

3) Movie love quote game

Each guest receives a card with love quotes from a movie on it and movie names. Guests must them match each quote to the movie it was in. The guest with the most answers correct wins
4) Who’s the famous groom?

Guests have to know their celebrity marriages for this one! Each guest receives a card with a list of female celebrities on it. Guests must write down the name of their “famous groom” next to each name. The guest who finishes the quickest and with the most correct answers wins.

5) Love song game

Guests each receive a card with a bunch of song titles and artists listed on it. They must then match the song with the person or group who sings it. Whoever finishes first and with the most correct answers wins.

6) Find the guest

A great icebreaker for a bachelorette party! Have your guests get to know more about one another with this fun game. Make a list of statements on a piece of paper and pass one out to each guest, leaving a blank space next to each question for them to write names down. For example, you can ask things like, “Name the guest who spent the summer in Italy last year” or “Name the guest who’s getting married this summer.” Guests then go around the room until they find someone to put down for each statement. The person who finishes first wins!

Clean bachelorette games
Games pictured: 1) Couples quiz 2) What’s in your phone printable game 3) Name the famous groom 4) Movie love quote game

I hope you enjoyed my list of top 20 bachelorette games! There’s plenty of games on here to suit any type of bachelorette party, from the wild and crazy to the more laid-back and everything in between.

I have a ton of variations of the printable games mentioned in this post available in my Etsy shop, so head on over to my Etsy shop view all the different options available to you.

And if you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for my free weekly printables! I’m giving away a printable bachelorette game this week, so you won’t want to miss out on that if you’re planning a bachelorette party in the near future!


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