Best bachelorette party theme ideas


Best bachelorette party theme ideas

Planning a bachelorette party can be fun but stressful. But before you can even get into the nitty-gritty of figuring out logistics, times and locations, there’s one thing you should decide on first to get the party planning going: picking the best bachelorette party theme.

Sometimes bachelorette parties are as simple as a laid-back evening with a couple of activities planned and a night of dancing. But if you want to really give your party an edge and make it super fun, I highly suggest picking a theme for your bachelorette party to tie the evening together.

I’m sharing some of my favourite bachelorette theme ideas below. Depending on what kind of party you’re planning to hold, I can guarantee that you’ll find an awesome bachelorette theme below.

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Bachelorette theme ideas for a nautical/booze cruise bachelorette

If the bride-to-be loves all things ocean and beach-related, you might want to consider a nautical bachelorette theme or booze cruise bachelorette theme. Some cute themes you could incorporate include:

Macaron class
Taking a macaron making class is a fun bachelorette party idea for the bride who loves to bake.

Bachelorette theme ideas for the bride who loves food

If the bride-to-be loves eating good food, cooking or baking, consider some fun alternative ideas like:

  • A rotating potluck bachelorette party (guests take turns “hosting” a course at their house, then the group moves along to the next house for the next course)
  • Cooking lessons
  • A macaron-making class (find someone local to either come in or go to a local bakery for the lesson)

You could incorporate these fun themes and sayings into your bachelorette theme:

  • Guacin’ down the aisle (cute guacamole theme)
  • The guac is extra, but so is she, celebrate the bride-to-be!
  • Feed me and tell me I’m pretty
  • Taco ‘bout a wild party

Bachelorette theme ideas for a bride who loves music 

For the bride who loves music, there are a ton of fun activities for your bachelorette party. You could:

  • Head to Nashville for a bachelorette weekend
  • Go to an outdoor music festival
  • Do a bar crawl to local live music venues

Some cute theme ideas for a music-themed bachelorette include:

Flannel and Fizz bachelorette bundle
Our flannel and fizz bachelorette party bundle is everything you need for a flannel fling, mountain bachelorette or weekend in the woods themed bachelorette party!

Bachelorette theme ideas for the bride who loves the outdoors

If you have a bride-to-be who loves all things outdoorsy, there are tons of great options! Consider one of the following ideas:

  • Lake weekend getaway
  • Mountain getaway
  • Hiking adventure/weekend
  • Camping or glamping
  • Flannel and fizz she’s becoming a Mrs!

Outdoor bachelorette themes you could incorporate include:

Best bachelorette party theme ideas Bachelorette theme ideas for the bride who loves to have fun

For the bride who just loves to have fun, find something really cool and unique to do in your local city. Many cities have bachelorette party guides and offer lots of different activities. Some fun ideas might include:

  • A tour of a local brewery or distillery
  • Pedal bike tour through your city
  • Makeovers – go somewhere and have your make-up done before you head out on the town
  • Blowout bar
  • Duelling piano bar
  • Scavenger hunt around the city

Some fun themes for a laid-back bride who just wants to have a good time:

Bachelorette theme ideas for the bride who loves to dance

There are a ton of activities and ideas you can choose from if the bride-to-be loves to dance. You could:

  • Take a group hip-hop lesson
  • Take burlesque lessons
  • Do a barre class
  • Go to a burlesque show
  • Go on a pub crawl and dance the night away

Some cute theme ideas/sayings for your dance themed bachelorette could be:

  • Tutus and heels
  • Bach and burlesque
  • Time to drink champagne and dance on tables
  • Barre it all bachelorette

Bachelorette theme ideas for the bride who loves to be active

Brides who love to be active will love to do something related to health and wellness. Consider these ideas if you have a bride who really loves being active and having a healthy lifestyle:

  • Yoga retreat bachelorette
  • Cycle class
  • Outdoor bootcamp
  • Paddle boarding on a lake
  • Private group fitness lesson
  • White water rafting in the mountains

Fun theme ideas you could do for this bachelorette party:

Bachelorette theme ideas for the bride who loves to hang with friends

For the bride who just loves to hang out and enjoy time with friends, consider something fun that will keep the group together while enjoying everyone’s company like:

  • Sleepover and movie marathon theme (our chick flick game would be PERFECT to go with this theme!)
  • Girls just wanna have fun theme
  • Pool party
  • Paint night
  • Pottery making class
  • Winery tour
  • Comedy club

Bachelorette theme ideas for the wild bride

For the bride who doesn’t hold back, consider one of these wild bachelorette party ideas to get the party started:

  • Bachelorette bucket list
  • Lingerie or sex toy shower
  • Go ziplining
  • Hire male strippers
  • Head to Vegas, baby!
  • Take in a drag show
  • Head out for a spring break bachelorette

Beach bachelorette photoBachelorette theme ideas for the bride who loves the beach

Head for the sun, sea and sand if you have a bride who loves the beach! It will be a nice relaxing weekend away before the bride’s final fling. We love these cute little sayings and themes for a beach bachelorette party (and make sure you bring along these beach bachelorette essentials, some good beach reads and some adorable pool floats with you):

You could:

We love these fun themes and sayings for a beach bachelorette

Bachelorette theme ideas for the glam bride:

For the ultimate glam bride, consider these ideas for the bachelorette’s final fling before the ring

You could:

  • Head to a spa 
  • Go for manicures and pedicures or hire someone to come to a private residence to do these services
  • Host a decadent, catered five-course meal at someone’s home or an Air B n’ B mansion you rent out for the night
  • Host a Bride and Co. themed bachelorette party
  • Head to Napa for a winery tour
  • Host a little black dress bachelorette party
  • Head out to LA for the ultimate glam weekend

These cute themes and sayings would be great to incorporate into a bachelorette party for a glam bride:

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