Best beach bachelorette floats


Best beach bachelorette floats

If you’re hosting or heading to a beach bachelorette party or pool bachelorette party, you have to make sure you have a cool bachelorette pool float to bring along with you!

Last week, we shared our beach bachelorette essentials that you need to pack along with you, and a cool pool float definitely made the list.

We took some time to scour Amazon for the most amazing bachelorette pool floats we could find (it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it!). Below, here are our favourite and coolest beach bachelorette floats we found.

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Best beach bachelorette pool floats

Best beach bachelorette pool floats
1. Champagne pool float  || 2. Pineapple float – Jasonwell on Amazon || 3. Lips pool float  || 4. Flamingo pool float – Goobat on Amazon || 5. Engagement ring float – Jasonwell on Amazon || 6. Ice cream cone float – Bigmouth Inc. on Amazon || 7. Unicorn float – Jasonwell on Amazon || 8. Rainbow float – Funboy on Amazon

Important pool float accessories

Don’t forget, you might want to save your lung capacity for more important things, like singing your favourite bachelorette tunes at the top of your lungs, so save yourself and get a handy air pump to go with it, too.

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Beach bachelorette essentials

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