The Ultimate List of Christmas Gift Guides


Ultimate list of Christmas gift guides


If you’re looking for the best gifts to give this Christmas, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve been sharing our favourite Christmas gift ideas for the last few weeks and have compiled them all here in one place for you. No matter who you have on your list, we can guarantee you’ll find something for everyone in these gift guides:

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for MenTop 10 Christmas gifts for men

I don’t know about you, but sometimes the struggle is real when it comes to figuring out what to buy the special men in your life. Whether it’s your spouse, Dad or your fourth cousin twice removed whose name you drew for the gift exchange this year, I guarantee you’ll find something in our men’s Christmas gift guide to suit whoever’s on your list.

Top 10 Christmas gift ideas for DIY and craft loversTop 10 Christmas gifts for DIY and craft lovers

For those who know me, you know that I’m an Etsy seller and therefore am a BIG supporter of supporting other artisans. I also happen to think that DIY kits and craft kits make a fabulous present for the special people in your life who happen to like anything crafty, artistic or handmade. My top 10 Christmas gifts for DIY and craft lovers features a ton of great ideas and all-in-one kits that will help you find the perfect gift for someone on your list this season.

Dog mom and cat mom giftsTop 10 Christmas gifts for dog moms and cat moms

We all have that friend or cousin on our list that, while they might not have offspring of their own yet, they sure are the world’s best dog mom or cat mom. So, we scoured Etsy for our favourite unique dog mom and cat mom gifts (and we HAD to sneak one Amazon item on there, too), and came up with this amazing list of gifts for a dog mom or cat mom.

Top 10 Christmas gifts for female college students

Top 10 Christmas gifts for female college students

I’m not trying to leave the guys out of this one but, dudes, there’s nothing exciting for Christmas gifts for male college students. However, I had to really dial this one in to only pick 10 of my favourite gift ideas for female college students, so I hope you enjoy these awesome finds. And FYI, I pretty much want every item on this list, so feel free to send any of these my way (even though I’m waaaay past college-aged, but that’s just a tiny, insignificant detail).

Top 10 sassy Christmas gifts for womenTop 10 sassy Christmas gift ideas 

Where my sassy-pant sistas at? I LOVE any sort of sassy gift with a punchy saying on it, so naturally, I felt inclined to put together my list of top 10 sassy Christmas gift ideas. So if you have someone on your list who has a good sense of humour and loves a good laugh, you should definitely check out these great gift ideas

Top 10 Christmas gifts for book loversGifts for book lovers feature image

This Christmas break, I guarantee you’ll find me curled up in my armchair each morning, book in one hand and Bailey’s and coffee in the other. If you have a book lover like me on your Christmas list this year, you’ll definitely want to check out our top gift ideas for book lovers (that aren’t actual books).



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