Five awesome second baby shower ideas


If you’re looking for second baby shower ideas, you came to the rigth place! There seems to be a belief that you shouldn’t host a baby shower for a second (or third or fourth…) baby, but why not? Every baby should be celebrated and welcomed into this world!

There used to be a misconception that it was ‘greedy’ to host a baby shower beyond baby #1, but that’s not the case. It’s not about getting gifts; it’s about welcoming a new little life into this world.

That being said, it’s tough to find ideas out there for a second baby shower theme.

But I have good news. I did the dirty work for you!

Today, I’m sharing my five favourite second baby shower ideas with you. I hope one of these second baby shower themes works for you, or at the very least, I hope to get those brainstorming wheels churning.

Here are our favourite second baby shower ideas:

Baby sprinkle baby shower

Baby sprinkle shower ideas
Check out our baby sprinkle shower post for more information about baby sprinkle themes

Baby sprinkles have been popular for the last few years, but according to Pinterest, there’s been a big surge in searches for ‘baby sprinkles’ this year.

What is a baby sprinkle, you might ask? Typically reserved for a second baby and beyond, a sprinkle is a similar idea to a traditional baby shower, except guests ‘sprinkle’ the new baby and parents with smaller, more practical baby gifts—diapers, soothers, bath items, personalized items, etc. And of course, you can never go wrong with some great books to stock baby’s library.

I shared an in-depth post on how to host a baby sprinkle a few months ago, so be sure to check it out for more information and ideas.

There are also many cute ideas about how to host a baby sprinkle on Pinterest, too! We compiled our favourite ones here on our baby sprinkle board for you. Check out our baby sprinkle invitations in our Etsy shop, too!

Freezer meal baby shower

For anyone with kids, you know how helpful it would have been to have a stocked freezer full of ready-to-go meals once the little one arrived! I recently shared a blog post about hosting a freezer meal baby shower for a second or third baby.

There are a lot of fun ideas and different ways you can organize a fill the freezer baby shower, which I shared in-depth on the blog post mentioned above, and I also organized a bunch of ideas, recipes and more on Pinterest for you to take a look at, too!

Twinkle, twinkle little star 

I might argue that this has recently been one of the most popular baby shower themes for 2018 so far! A ‘twinkle twinkle’ shower is a great idea for a second baby.

It’s a very gender-neutral baby shower theme, you can keep the decor as simple or as elaborate as you want, and you can get creative with it by turning it into a nursery shower theme or celestial theme.

See our baby shower ideas board on Pinterest for some more fun ideas for this particular theme, and check out our adorable customized printable twinkle twinkle little star invitations in our Etsy shop!

Storybook baby shower ( or stock the library baby shower)

This is hands-down one of my favourite second baby shower themes out there! I love the idea of hosting a ‘storybook’ baby shower theme or a ‘stock the library” baby shower where guests are encouraged to bring a book to add to baby’s library. Be sure to check out our list of all-time favourite books for baby shower gifts for some great ideas, from classics to books with strong female and male characters.

For a second baby shower, I recommend getting a list of books that the parents-to-be might want to add in case guests ask and don’t want to duplicate the books they might already own.

Also, I love the idea of attaching a book request insert with the invitation. We have some great options available in our Etsy shop, and if you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for our weekly freebies if you’re planning a stock the library shower or storybook baby shower in the near future. This week’s freebie may be helpful for you if you are doing this theme (hint, hint).

One thing to note if you are doing a book request shower for a second or third baby shower theme: if your book insert says, “bring a book instead of a card with a message from you,” on it, ask guests to put the message on a separate piece of paper or piece of cardstock and stick it in the book, rather than writing a message directly in the book.

This way, if the family receives a duplicate book, they can easily exchange it for another one and don’t have to worry about having a message written in it.

The family (or hostess) can then glue the paper/cardstock in the front of the book once it’s confirmed that there aren’t any duplicate books received.

Sip and see baby brunch

Finally, our last suggested theme for a second baby shower is a sip and see brunch or sip and see baby shower! After all, family, friends and little ones are going to want to meet the new little one. And, if you already have one child, getting out and about to see everyone with two kids is that much harder!

I like the idea of hosting a casual sip and see brunch one morning to invite family and friends over to meet the little one. You can set up a casual brunch buffet and encourage guests to drop in whenever they want. This is nice because then people don’t feel obligated to stay too long and it’s nice for the family and host/hostess because not everyone comes at once, which spreads people out over the entire event.

Another sip and see option is to host an outdoor, casual barbeque. Have some beverages on hand and some burgers on the grill, and invite everyone to pop over at their convenience to meet the new little one.

Those are our top 5 favourite second baby shower themes! I hope you enjoyed them and found some ideas to help you plan.

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