Wild bachelorette party ideas


There’s nothing quite like a wild bachelorette party, is there?

I get that they’re not for anyone, but if you are planning a bachelorette for a bride that’s a bit of a wild child and likes to party, this post is for you. (but hey, if this doesn’t sound like the bride you’re planning for, check out our post of bachelorette ideas for any type of bride instead!)

If you’re looking to plan a wild bachelorette party, here are some of our favourite ideas:

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Bachelorette ideas for the wild bride

  • Male strippers (obviously!)
  • Pub crawl (complete with a sexy scavenger hunt, of course!)
  • Burlesque show or burlesque dancing lessons
  • Drag queen show
  • Pole dancing lessons
  • Sex toy party
  • Las Vegas weekend getaway
  • Nashville weekend getaway
  • Spring break getaway in Cancun or South Beach
  • Booze cruise
  • Brewery tour
  • Lingerie party (everyone brings something sexy for the bride to wear and she guesses who each gift is from. Bonus: the groom will thank you for this!)

Wild bachelorette party items

Of course, with this type of bachelorette party, you just KNOW there has to be some wild items that everyone takes along with them for the night! Here are some of our favourite wild bachelorette items that will definitely garner some, ahem, attention:

1. Bachelorette party sashes from Amazon || 2. Same penis forever garland by The Topper Co. on Etsy || 3. Bachelorette party mug shot signs from Amazon || 4. Wild bride tribe bag by Butterfly Ghost on Etsy || 5. Garter flask from Amazon || 6. Cheers bitches shot glasses from Amazon || 7. Bachelorette wine labels from Amazon || 8. Gold bachelorette tattoos by No Regrets Tats on Etsy

Bachelorette games for a wild bachelorette party

A bachelorette party isn’t complete without some wild bachelorette games! Here are our favourite ideas:

Drink if game

Just like ‘never have I ever,’ this drink if game encourages guests to drink for any item they’ve done. How it works: a card is passed around that has several “drink if…” statements on it. Each guest reads a sentence out loud, like “Drink if you’ve ever had a one night stand.” Everyone who has had a one night stand takes a drink. The guest then passes the card to the guest next to them, and that person reads the next game, and so on. The game is done once all the statements have been read.

Plot twist: if the statement applies to the bride, she has to take two drinks. It is her bachelorette party, after all.

Never have I ever

You’ll learn a LOT of things you never knew about your friends with this game! Everyone sits in a circle (drinks in hand!). The bride starts with a statement of something she’s never done, like “Never have I ever slept with my boyfriend’s best friend.” Anyone who has done whatever the person states has to take a drink. The game continues by moving on to the next person to the bride’s left, who then makes their statement, and so on and so forth. You can finish the game after everyone goes around the whole circle, or you can continue until you’re ready to call it quits – there’s no rule around how long or short the game should be. Or, if you want a more formatted version, you can purchase this game off Amazon.

Drop your panties

Each guest brings a pair of panties to the bachelorette party and drops them into a bowl, bag or container. The bride must take each pair out, show them off, and guess who brought each pair. If the bride guesses the guest’s pair correctly, the guest has to take two shots; if the bride guesses incorrectly, she has to take one shot (or drink, depending on how many guests you have!) We have several printable signs and inserts for this game available in our Etsy shop.

Pin the junk on the hunk

Ahhh, yes.  A favourite childhood birthday party game takes a XXX turn with this version! Just the old classic, guests take turns being blindfolded, spun around, and then they must pin the, uh, “junk” where it belongs on the hunk. We love all the celebrity hunk versions you can get on Etsy (ummm, hello, Jason Mamoa, Ryan Gosling, Chris Hemsworth and Channing Tatum).

Porn or polish game

We re-created this game with all new names that you won’t find anywhere else! I had to do some, ummmm, research, so you can just imagine what my ad feeds looked like for weeks after this one.

How it works: there’s a list of suggestive names that either belongs to the name of a nail polish or a porn film. Each guest then circles if they think it’s a polish or porn name. The guests that gets the most answers right wins.

We have several different versions of this porn or polish game available in our Etsy shop.

Bachelorette scavenger hunt

A game best reserved for a wild night out at the bar, this scavenger hunt is a sure way to get everyone having a wild night. Guests assemble in teams to complete the items on their scavenger hunt list. Photo evidence must be captured to prove the team completed each task. The team to finish the list first, wins! (or, if it’s taking too long, the team that completes the most tasks wins).

Bonus: you can make up your own prizes for certain items on the list (for example, give out prizes to the team with the best photo of the night, the wildest photo of the night, etc.).

View our printable bachelorette games

Dirty Pictionary-type games
Another example of how you can take any game and make it into a racy adult version!  You can do a simple DIY version of this game simply by purchasing cheap dry erase boards and dry erase markers at your local dollar store and print out cards with words that are risqué items, naughty sex positions, or really anything that can seem dirty or naughty. Use your phone to time each player and play just like the regular Pictionary game. Or, you can purchase a similar game on Amazon if you don’t have time to make it yourself.

We hope these ideas will help you plan your wild bachelorette party!

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