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Your fave couple on the planet has decided to say “I do” to forever together, and you’re the lucky one who will be hosting the bridal shower for your bestie. This is a very special day for the bride-to-be, so you want to make sure you make you bring out all the stops to pull off a memorable event.

But where do you start with what to say? How do you pick your bridal shower invitation wording? What information do you need to make sure you include? What information shouldn’t you include? Well, we have you covered! Depending on the type of affair you’re hosting, you may want to be fairly formal or you may want to keep it casual, but you still need to spread the word about the fete with a gorgeous invitation that’s appropriate for the type of shower you’re hosting.

Bride and Co shower invitation wording
Make sure to include the bride’s full name, date of shower, time, location, address, and RSVP info on the invitation
 Essential details to include on your bridal shower invitation

Bottom line, regardless of whether you want to make it formal or keep it casual, here are the essential details you want to make sure you include for bridal shower invitation wording:

  • The first and last name of the bride (or couple, if doing a couple’s shower)
  • Date and time of the event. For more formal affairs, spell out the words and numerals (i.e. three o’clock in the afternoon); for casual affairs, you can abbreviate (i.e. say “PM” instead of “three o’clock in the afternoon)
  • Location of the event and address
  • RSVP information – name, phone and/or email address
Optional details

If there’s room, some other information people sometimes like to include the following:

  • Name of hostess(es)
  • Information about the theme, if needed (ex. “wear your favourite little black dress and pearls)
  • Registry information
  • Be sure to mention it’s a surprise and not to say anything to the bride, if you’re hosting a surprise shower
Mint to Be bridal shower invitation
Our popular Mint to Be invitation is a fun theme for a bridal shower invitation
Make it fun

Going for a particular theme? Try to make it original and put some fun phrases onto the invitation to bring it to life. For example, if your colours include mint, do something cheeky like “Mint to Be.” If you’re hosting a bridal brunch, use a headline like, “Bubbly and brunch with the Bride-to-Be.”

Whatever you decide, just make sure you run everything past the bride-to-be to make sure she is okay with everything, and be sure to check out our line of printable bridal shower invitations to help you spread the word about the event!

Bridal shower invitation sample wording ideas

What you choose to say on the invitation will give your guests a good idea about what kind of shower they can expect. For example, the phrasing of who you’re hosting the shower for and the location will give guests a good indication of whether it’s a more formal or a casual affair.

Phrases you can use for a more formal shower:

  • Please join us for a bridal shower honoring {bride’s name}
  • You are cordially invited to a bridal shower honoring {bride’s name}
  • Join us to celebrate the upcoming wedding of {bride’s name}
  • You’re invited to help us celebrate the bride-to-be, {bride’s name}
  • The pleasure of your company is requested at a bridal shower honoring {bride’s name}

Phrases you can use for a more casual bridal shower:

  • She’s going from Miss to Mrs! Join us for a bridal shower for {bride’s name}
  • Pop the bubbly, she’s getting a hubby! Join us for a shower for {bride’s name}
  • Join us as we shower {bride’s name} with love and best wishes before she becomes a Mrs!
  • It started with a kiss and now it’s come to this…join us for a bridal shower for {bride’s name}
  • To love and laughter and happily ever after! Join us as we shower {bride’s name

There are some really cute ideas for wording or poems, depending on your bridal shower theme. Look into some wording or poem ideas if you’re doing a fun theme. If you’re looking for some great theme ideas, be sure to check out our bridal shower Pinterest board for some inspiration!


Registry information – is it a do or a don’t?

Registry information on any sort of invitation used to be frowned upon, but now it is is totally acceptable to include the information on a bridal shower invitation. It’s still never okay to include registry or wishing well information on the wedding shower invite, but since the point of a bridal shower is to shower the bride with gifts, it’s acceptable to include these details.

Tip: Keep online registry URLs simple. If it’s something guests can’t click on, a long URL looks TERRIBLE on a printed invitation and would not be anything people are going to take the time to manually enter into a search bar, anyway.

Simply put on the invitation that the couple is registered on Amazon – most people will know to search for their names. Or, if you feel strongly about giving instructions so the registry is easily found, you can say: The couple is registered on Go to and search for the bride or groom’s name to find their registry.

Simply naming which registry site they’re signed up with is usually more than sufficient enough, and the additional information is not required,

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