12 fun bridal shower games everyone will {actually} want to play


Fun bridal shower games

Planning bridal shower games that your guests will want to play can sometimes seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be! There are a lot of fun bridal shower games you can do that won’t make your guests groan, get everyone interacting and let everyone get to know one another. 

If games aren’t the bride’s jam and she’d rather do a fun bridal shower group activity instead, you’ll want to check out our awesome post full of fun bridal shower activities.

Fun bridal shower game ideas

Couples quiz bridal shower game
This fun couples quiz is a great bridal shower game that will get everyone laughing and talking.

How well do you know the bride and groom?

Just like the newlywed game! We’ve created several different versions of this game in our Etsy shop. Before the bridal shower, have the bride answer the questions and keep that as your “answer key.” Then, as guests arrive, give each guest a card. For each statement, they circle whether they think the statement applies more to the groom or the bride. The bride can read the questions out loud and say what her answer was. Whoever gets the most correct, based on the answers the bride provided, wins a prize!

How old was the bride

Gather a bunch of pictures of the bride-to-be growing up. Glue them onto a tri-fold presentation board or good old-fashioned poster board (make sure they’re mixed up and not in chronological order when you glue them!) Add a number under each picture. Make a document with the number of pictures you have and a blank line next to each number and have your guests make their guesses for each picture. The person with the most correct wins.

Match the love song

Love song game
Match the love song game

This is always a great way to get guests interacting as they try to match the famous love song with the artist or band who sang it! The guest with the most correct answers in the shortest amount of time wins. Check out all the versions of this song game we have available in our Etsy shop.

Bridal shower bingo

Start by handing out each guest a blank bingo card when they arrive. Guests then fill out the squares with the items they think the bride-to-be is going to receive for gifts. The first person to get five in a row wins a prize.

An alternative way to play: have guests fill out the cards with what they think the bride-to-be is going to get, then make them switch cards with the person to the left of them to mix things up. This version sometimes makes it a bit harder for guests to get a bingo right away.

Bridal shower Jeopardy

Buy some pretty coloured envelopes and either a trifold presentation board or poster board. Make some “categories” (either do some fun DIY or print off your computer) to glue onto the top. Then, glue five envelopes under each category with the flaps facing outwards. Put $100, $200, $300, $400 and $500 on the outside of the envelopes. Next, either cut out small pieces of paper to go inside the envelope or better yet, to save some time and sanity, buy index cards. Write out the question for each envelope and put the answer somewhere small on the back of the card. Guests take turns choosing a category and “prize amount,” just like in regular jeopardy, and the person with the highest total once all the cards have been picked wins!

Match the movie love quote

Another guest favourite that will get everyone talking! Guests try to match the quote with the movie it was said in. Again, the person with the most correct answers in the shortest amount of time wins a prize. Check out all the versions of this game available in our Etsy shop.

Where were they bridal shower photo game bundle by Pretty Printables Ink
Our instant download “where were they?” game bundle comes with everything you need for this fun bridal shower photo game. Great for a travel theme bridal shower!

Where were they photo game

Similar to the “how old was the bride” game, set out some photos of the bride and groom during some of their travels. Number each picture and have guests write down their guess for the location of each photo. We’ve created this game bundle here that comes with a sign, cards you can print for guests and number tags for your photos. The person with the most correct in the fastest time wins!

Name the famous groom

We’ve created several cute “name the famous groom” printable games you can use to match the famous groom with their celebrity wife. The guest who gets the most right in the shortest amount of time wins a prize.

Bridal shower charades

If you have a group of guests who know each other well or are really outgoing, this is a great game to consider! (but if you have a bunch of guests who either don’t know each other well or who are more introverted, you may want to skip this one). Divide the room in half so you have equal numbers of guests on each team. Have guests choose from one of four categories: songs, TV or movie, people or place or things. Make up the cards in advance yourself (I would do 4-5 cards per category). Have the answers all be “love or wedding themed” in some way. For example, for a movie, you could do Runaway Bride. For a song, you could do “All you need is love.” You get the idea. The team with the most right after the last round wins.

How well do you know the bride-to-be?

The bridal shower is really all about the bride-to-be, so we’ve created a few fun versions of this game to help guests get to know the bride a little bit better! The person with the most amount of answers right in the shortest time wins a prize.

Ring toss

If you’re hosting an outdoor bridal shower and are looking for a fun outdoor game, this one is a really cute and simple idea! Simply grab a collection of different sized bottles (wine bottles, beer bottles, empty juice bottles, etc.) Spray paint them in a bunch of pretty colours (like different shades of pink, metallic gold, etc.) and group them together using a crate or box. Have guests toss plastic rings (find them at the Dollar Store) and see who can get the most around the bottles!

Phone game
This what’s in your phone game is an interactive game to get your guests talking and having fun

What’s in your phone?

This game is always a hit! Guests each get a card with a list of items often found in people’s cell phones and a points value assigned to each item. The person with the most points wins! We’ve created several printable versions of this game for you to purchase and download instantly.

Bridal shower baking pan memory

Put random kitchen items on a baking pan. Look for trickier items to include, like a toothpick, meat thermometer, citrus zester, etc. Arrange the items on a baking pan and have one person come out and go around twice for guests to get a look at the pan. Take the pan out of the room and have guests write down all the items they can remember being on the pan. Give guests five minutes at the most to write down their answers. The person with the most answers correct in the shortest time wins a prize (often, the hostess will give away the pan and the kitchen items on it as a prize).

Check out our large selection of printable bridal shower games

Thanks for reading our post! If you’re looking for many of these games and more, be sure to check out all of the printable bridal shower games we offer in our shop! These are available instantly to download and print once your payment is confirmed. If you are purchasing a bridal shower invitation from us, we can also make any games to match your invitation design. Just start a conversation with us on Etsy to get started!

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