Quarantine Christmas Party Ideas


Quarantine Christmas party ideas


It looks like we’ll be spending Christmas in quarantine this year. While it might not be the festive holiday season we’re used to, there are plenty of alternative quarantine Christmas party ideas you can do to still celebrate the season. From virtual Christmas parties to drive-by Christmas gift exchanges, here are some of our favourite alternative Christmas party ideas for 2020.

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Quarantine Christmas ideas for 2020

Host a virtual Christmas party

Hosting a virtual Christmas party is easy. All you need to do is set up a video meeting using online software like Google Hangouts, Skype, WebEx or any other virtual event software. In most cases, these are free or have a small fee to use them. By now, we know most people are well-versed in how to set up a virtual event, so we’ll spare you the details. For more information on how to pull off the perfect virtual Christmas party, check out our virtual Christmas party post.

Organize a drive-by Christmas gift exchange

Drive-by Christmas gift exchange
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Secret Santa doesn’t have to go on hiatus this year! Invite friends, loved ones, neighbors and/or colleagues to take part in a drive-by Christmas gift exchange. Have everyone pick a name to buy for, get them to buy a gift, wrap it, and then “drive-by” to drop it off and pick up their gift.

You could have some extra chairs outside spaced six feet apart, have a small fire pit to keep warm and throw some warm buffalo plaid fleece blankets over chairs for people to cozy up with. Consider having a cute little hot beverage station with COVID-friendly hot chocolate packages, mulled wine or even apple cider set up in your driveway to make their own hot drink. Make sure to keep sanitizer and disinfectant wipes out for anyone who might be touching common surfaces.

Virtual games night
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Plan a virtual Christmas games night

If you want to plan something more laidback and casual, plan a virtual Christmas games night! We have many instant download Christmas games in our Etsy shop that can be downloaded immediately once payment clears. You can share the games electronically by either sharing your screen so everyone can see the questions and play along together or distribute them electronically beforehand for guests to print before your virtual meet-up.

Organize a virtual Christmas baking party

You may not be able to swap Christmas goodies this year, but you can still bake together! Set up a date and time for everyone to get together virtually while they do their Christmas baking! Again, you can use an online meeting platform for this, or simply set up a group on Facebook messenger and connect through video. You can get your holiday baking done together while catching up.

Gingerbread house
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Host a virtual gingerbread house decorating contest

Invite friends, families and neighbors to take part in a virtual gingerbread house decorating contest! Either drop off kits to everyone prior to the event (or share the recipe everyone is to use to start off on equal playing ground). Set up a virtual meeting for everyone to join and you can decorate together, time guests and show off your final creations. Be sure to send out any contest rules and stipulations beforehand to make sure everyone is on an equal playing field.

Christmas bridal shower or baby shower by mail 

We know people often like to consider hosting a bridal shower or baby shower this time of year. However, if you can’t gather in person, consider hosting a bridal shower by mail or baby shower by mail! Our Christmas shower by mail invitations are the perfect way to invite loved ones to shower the bride-to-be or mom-to-be from a safe distance.

We hope these ideas give you some good inspiration for alternative Christmas parties this year. Is 2020 over yet? Will 2021 be any better? Let’s hope this dumpster fire gets extinguished soon.

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