Virtual Halloween Party Ideas


Virtual Halloween Party Ideas

If you’re looking for some great virtual Halloween party ideas, you’ve come to the right place! COVID-19 has put a real damper on celebrations, but you can still have fun this Halloween with hosting a virtual Halloween party instead!

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How to host a virtual Halloween party

Hosting a virtual Halloween party is easy – all you need to do is set up an online event using video meeting software like Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype, WebEx or any other virtual event software. Many of these are free or have a small fee to host. All you need is to set up your event, get the important info (like the meeting ID and password or event link) and you’re all set. Which leads us to our next tip….

Virtual Halloween Party InvitationsVirtual Halloween party invitations

Invite your guests to your virtual Halloween party with a fun virtual Halloween party invitation! We’ve added a bunch of fun virtual Halloween party invites in our Etsy shop. It’s simple – simply purchase one of our invitations, enter your personalization info in the box and we customize everything for you! Our virtual Halloween party invitations come in both JPEG and PDF format, so you can print as many as you need, email them to guests by embedding the JPEG file or attaching the file to the e-vite, or text to guests in a group chat, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, etc. Easy peasy customized virtual Halloween party invitations are only a click away!

View all our Halloween party invitations…

Virtual Halloween party games

Virtual Party GamesJust because you’re not celebrating together in person doesn’t mean you can’t still play fun Halloween games virtually! We have several instant download Halloween party games in our Etsy shop that make a perfect virtual Halloween party activity everyone can do together. Some of our fun virtual Halloween party games include:

These files are all instant downloads! Simply purchase the files, and they’ll be available to download immediately as soon as payment clears. Simply download, save to a computer/laptop and then share electronically with guests before the party begins so they can print on their own or download the game to their phone or computer. Or, if the video meeting software you’re using allows you to share your screen, you can pull the game up on your own computer and share their screen with your virtual Halloween party guests.

Virtual Halloween party costume contest

One of the best things about throwing a Halloween party is seeing all the fun costumes! Encourage guests to wear their costume and make sure you indicate this on your virtual Halloween party invitation. For some added fun, make up a fun Halloween costume contest and have prizes for each category. Some fun ideas include:

For prizes, you could send an electronic gift card to guests or send small electronic gift cards (like a $5 gift card to a coffee shop or Amazon gift card in any amount via email or text) to guests for each category.

Virtual Halloween CocktailsCreepy cocktail ideas for a virtual Halloween party

Part of the fun of hosting a Halloween party is all the fun Halloween food and drink ideas! Unfortunately, with a virtual party, you won’t get the chance to share fun food and drinks in person. But what you could do is come up with a list of fun “creepy cocktails” that guests could drink together! Simply send the drink recipes to your guest list in advance of your party so that people have enough time to gather the ingredients they need. Some fun creepy cocktail ideas include:

For even more fun creepy cocktail ideas, visit our Halloween party ideas board on Pinterest.

Virtual Halloween party decoration and backdrop ideas

Again, one of the best parts of hosting a Halloween party is the fun Halloween decorations you get to do! Sadly, this is one of those things that you simply can’t experience in person when you host a virtual Halloween party, but you can still have fun! If you’re using an app like Zoom, there are even Zoom Halloween backdrops you can use. Free software like Canva even has backgrounds you can create for your virtual party background.

You can also use some Halloween decorations and backdrops for the area behind and around you where you plan to sit during your virtual Halloween party. We love these fun Halloween decorations from Amazon that can add a spooky touch to your virtual Halloween backdrop:

There are literally thousands of fun Halloween decoration ideas on Amazon that you can use for a fun virtual Halloween backdrop! Sign up for Amazon Prime and you’ll get free two-day shipping, too! We have a special discounted Amazon Prime subscription link for you starting at just $5.99/month.

Other fun virtual Halloween party activities

If you want to try some other fun virtual Halloween party activities that aren’t just games, we also have some other fun ideas for you! You can:

  • Ask guests to take turn telling a scary ghost story. Make sure to tell people before your party so they have time to look up some fun ideas, like these ones from Huffington Post.
  • Do a virtual Ouija reading together (you’ll need to be able to share your screen on your meeting software to do this)
  • How about a free virtual tarot reading?
  • Do an online murder mystery. Simply Google “online murder mystery” and you’ll find several companies that offer this service (for a fee).
  • Do a pumpkin carving contest. Have everyone grab a pumpkin and their carving tools before the party and carve a pumpkin together virtually. Everyone shows off their finished product when they’re done and you can even do fun prizes.

We hope you enjoyed our virtual Halloween party ideas! If you’re looking for more fun ideas, be sure to check out our Virtual Halloween Party Ideas board on Pinterest!

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