Freebie Friday: Spread the love


Spread the love - RAK notes

This world can be a pretty tough place sometimes. I’ve recently started to do some small random acts of kindness to make a stranger’s day a little bit better. Whether it’s complimenting someone on the awesome shoes they’re wearing or buying coffee for the person behind you in the drive-thru, we can all do a few small things to help make this world a better place.

One of the things I’ve started doing in the last few months is leaving behind little notes in my library books before I return them. Whether it’s a random compliment or just a quote that I think someone might enjoy, I make a point of writing it out and leaving the message in one of the pages before I return the book.

So, I wanted to make a freebie this month that could help you spread the love to a stranger, too! Given that it’s Thanksgiving this month in the U.S. and Christmas is around the corner, what better time to start spreading some cheer to someone you don’t know? You could do the same thing I do with books or leave the notes randomly for people to find at your workplace, gym, school…or anywhere! I’ve created eight printable notes you can print, cut out and pass along to strangers to make their day. Share your good deed with us on Instagram by taking a photo and using the hashtag #prettyprintableslovenotes

And, if you’re digging this idea and want to do more, I HIGHLY encourage you to check out Hannah Brencher’s More Love Letters website. I think what Hannah and her team are doing is truly awesome, and I can’t wait to become involved and do more to spread some kindness outside of my hometown.

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