Five Amazing Bachelorette Theme Ideas She’ll Love


Five bachelorette theme ideas she'll love

Five Amazing Bachelorette Theme Ideas She’ll Love

Planning the perfect bachelorette party is a challenge. Whether you’re a bride looking for the perfect theme for your pre-nuptial celebration, or a maid of honor or bridesmaid helping to plan the event, you’ll want to make it special and memorable. With so many possibilities for bachelorette party themes, it can seem overwhelming – but it doesn’t have to be. Read on for our top five favorite bachelorette party themes and the best ideas for planning a bachelorette bash that’s unique, fun, and something the bride-to-be will remember with fondness.

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Veuve Before Vows bachelorette party ideasVeuve before Vows bachelorette theme

We love a champagne-themed party, and a Veuve before Vows theme is perfect for any fun-loving bride, especially one who loves drinking bubbly. Inspired by the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic held in Los Angeles, this bachelorette party trend is easy to pull off!

What you need to pull off a Veuve before Vows bachelorette party theme:

Veuve Before Vows bachelorette party invitations

A customized Veuve Before Vows bachelorette party invitation is the perfect way to invite the girls to celebrate the bride-to-be with one last champagne-filled celebration. We have several designs in our Etsy shop that fit this theme perfectly. We customize, you simply text, email or print!

Veuve bfore vows bachelorette invitation and itinerary with label

Veuve Before Vows bachelorette invitation and itinerary 

Veuve Before Vows bachelorette invitation and itinerary with bottle

Veuve Before Vows bachelorette invitation & matching itinerary with champagne bottle

 Champagne bachelorette invitation

Last Rendez Veuve bachelorette invitation and itineary

Last Rendez Veuve bachelorette invitation
& matching itinerary

Veuve Before Vows bachelorette party decorations

Decorations for a Veuve Before Vows  bachelorette party are easy to pull off!

  • Hot pink, bright orange and gold decorations. Think balloon arches, gold fringe backgrounds, hot pink disco balls and champagne foil balloons. Some great signs are also super important – we think our personalized Veuve before Vows signs are just what you need to add a personalized touch to your Veuve before Vow bachelorette.

    Veuve before Vows bachelorette signs

    Veuve Before Vows bachelorette signs

    Pink and orange
    balloon arch kit

    Gold foil fringe background

    Champagne balloon kit

  • An amazing mimosa bar is a must if you’re doing a Veuve Before Vows theme! Grab some bottles of bubbly, some customized champagne glasses for the bachelorette, and fill up some carafes with your favorite juice to top off your champagne. Throw some fresh fruit onto these elegant gold stir sticks, and your bubbly bar is complete.

Outfits for a Veuve Before Vows bachelorette party

Encourage everyone to dress in hot pink, gold or sequin outfits! We love these Amazon bachelorette outfit finds:

Pink sequin ombre dress

Gold sequin pants

Hot pink slit dress

Gold Kia heel sandals
by Sam Edelman

Katy Perry Dress Sandal


Hot pink ruched dress

Gold fringe backless dress

Hot orange dress sandal

Last Disco bachelorette theme ideasLast Disco bachelorette theme

Disco-themed bachelorette parties really trended upward in the last half of the year, and this trend is going to continue to be popular. We love this theme for a bachelorette who loves all things glitz and glam! You can tie a few different themes into a disco bachelorette theme, like a bride’s last disco, disco cowgirl theme or even a mama mia disco them bachelorette party. Grab your sequins, platform shoes and all things silver, black and pink and you’ll be ready to pull off the perfect disco theme bachelorette party.

What you need to pull off a last disco bachelorette party:

Last disco bachelorette party invitations and printables

Last disco bachelorette invitation

Last disco bachelorette invitation

Glitter tassel bachelorette scavenger hunt

Glitter tassel bachelorette scavenger hunt

Disco cowgirl bachelroette invite and itinerary

Disco cowgirl bachelorette invite 
and matching itinerary

Last disco signs

Last disco personalized bachelorette signs

Last disco bachelorette party decoration ideas

There are a lot of fun ways you can bring a disco bachelorette theme to life! Keep all things glitz and glam in mind when you’re planning your bachelorette decorations for this theme. Some easy decor items include:

  • Disco ball decorations
  • Sequin decor and lots of silver sparkly items to bring this theme to life
  • A fun fringe photo booth backdrop is a must
  • Last disco balloons

Last disco balloons on Amazon

Disco ball drink straws

Last disco balloon set

Pink foil fringe background

Disco table runner

Disco drink pouches

Disco plates and napkins set

Disposable irridescent cups

Last disco bachelorette party outfit ideas

Again, think all things sequins, glitz, and sparkles when it comes to choosing an outfit for a disco theme bachelorette party! There are a ton of great finds on Amazon. These are some of our favorite last disco bachelorette clothing items:

White sequin pantsuit

Gold platform heels by Kenneth Cole

Disco earrings

Sequin skirt

Black sequin backless halter top

White knee high boots

Black sequin romper

Sequin metallic dress


Bach to the 90s bachelorette theme ideasBach to the ’90s bachelorette theme ideas

Everything retro is back! Take a trip down memory lane with a fun Bach to the ’90s bachelorette party theme. This is fun for a bride who loves ’90s boy bands and classic chick flicks.

What you need to pull off a bach to the ’90s bachelorette party:

’90s bachelorette party invitations and printables

Obviously, the right invitation will set the tone for a fun event. We have several 90s bachelorette party invitations in our Etsy shop that we customize for you!

Bach to the 90s bachelorette invitation with doodles

Bach to the 90s bachelorette party invitation

Spice-y bachelorette party invitation

Spice-y 90s bachelorette party invitation

90s doodle bachelorette party invitation

90s doodle bachelorette party invitation

Friends bachelorette party invitation90s Friends bachelorette party invitation

Games and activities for a Bach to the ’90s bachelorette party theme

Test out everyone’s ’90s expertise with some fun ’90s trivia games. Or, check out Amazon or a local thrift store to see if you can score some nostalgic board game finds:


90s trivia game with tie dye background

’90’s trivia game printable

Mall Madness board game

Girl Talk board game


90’s printable trivia game

Bachelorette party decorations for a Bach to the ’90s theme:

The ’90s are back in a big way, so finding some fun ’90s theme party decorations should be easy. These are some of our favorites from Amazon:

90s mix tape plates and hard disk napkins

Bach to the 90s balloon bundle

Bach to the 90s can covers

90’s photo booth and props

Outfits to wear for a Bach to the ’90’s bachelorette party theme

Fun 90s outfits are a MUST! Encourage everyone to come dressed in their best 90s gear (or better yet….head to a thrift store together to make it into a game where everyone picks a name and dresses that person up). Or you can score some of these ’90s outfit staples online:

90s windbreaker outfit

Holographic jacket

Plaid A-line skirt

Chunky platform boots

Short overalls

90s bachelorette fanny packs

Satin halter top dress

Classic choker necklace

Y2K bachelorette theme ideas

Y2K bachelorette theme ideasThe 2000s are back in a big way! From fashion to design trends, a Y2K bachelorette party theme has a lot of possibilities. You can break this theme down into even more specific ideas, like:

  • Mean Girls 
  • Gossip Girl
  • Drunk in love 
  • Bejewled/she found her lover theme

What you need to pull off a Y2K bachelorette party:

Y2K bachelorette party invitations and printables

A 2000s bachelorette party theme isn’t complete without the perfect invitation and games! We have several Y2K-themed invitations and games in our Etsy shop to help you pull off the perfect event:

Sip with us bachelorette invitation

Sip with us invitation for Y2K bachelorette party

2000s trivia game with pink and purple glitter

2000s trivia game with glitter

Y2K bachelorette party invitation with cell phone

Y2K bachelorette invitation

2000s games bundle pink

2000s games bundle pink

She found her lover bejeweled bachelorette invitation

Bejeweled she found her lover bachelorette party invitation

Y2K games bundle

Y2K bachelorette party decorations

Pulling of the perfect decorations for a 2000s theme bachelorette party is easy! We love some of these favorite Y2K bachelorette party decorations:

Meanie girls bachelorette party signs

Fetch bachelorette party signs bundle

Holographic streamers

So fetch foil balloons

Party like Y2K sign

Party Like It’s Y2K sign

2000s photo booth props

Y2K balloon bundle

2000s hanging streamers

Drunk in love banner

What to wear for a 2000s bachelorette party 

The good news is that the 2000s are back and Y2K-inspired clothes are easy to find! We love some of these outfit ideas on Amazon:

Velour tracksuits (lots of color options available)

Baby girl crop top

Cargo pants

Tommy Hilfiger tube top

Tearaway track pants

Angel crop top

Extra large hoop earrings

Flare jeans

Lace layering camis

One piece button up collared romper

Denim pleated miniskirt

Rhinestone wedge sandals


Bride or Die bachelorette party ideas by Pretty Printables InkBride or die bachelorette theme/’til death do us party bachelorette theme

If you’re looking for a great theme for a rock bachelorette party, gothic theme bachelorette or Halloween bachelorette, we love a bride or die or til death do us party bachelorette theme! 

This fun theme is perfect for an edgy bride who likes to keep things a little less traditional.

What you need to pull off a bride or die bachelorette party:

Bride or die/’til death do us party bachelorette party invitations

We have several gothic bachelorette party invitations in our Etsy shop that are perfect for this theme:

Bride or die skull and hand bachelorette invite

Bride or Die Bachelorette Invitation

Bride or die skulls and florals invitation

Bride or Die Skulls and Florals Invitation

Til death do us party invitation

Til Death Do Us Party Bachelorette Invitation


Decorations for a Bride or Die Bachelorette Theme

Rock n’ roll rules for this theme! Think AC/DC-inspired decorations and, of course, all things black. Skulls and skeletons can be used anywhere to help tie this theme together – on your drink table, where you have your food set up, or anywhere you’ll have things laying out for your guests to grab or observe.

Bride or Die bachelorette decoration bundle

Mini skull decorations

Black heart banner

Bride and groom skeleton


What to wear for a Bride or Die or Til Death Do us Party bachelorette theme:

All black is definitely a must. Even something as simple as ripped black jeans and black band tee shirt would be perfect. Any sort of outfit with cut-outs, rips, studs or leather will also pull off a ’til death do us party bachelorette outfit or bride or die bachelorette outfit perfectly.

Bride or Die and Til Death Do Us Party tee shirts

Ripped black jeans

AC/DC shirt

Mesh ruched bodycon dress

Faux leather moto pants

Studded choker necklace

Faux leather moto jacket

Studded combat boots


We hope you enjoyed these fun bachelorette party theme ideas! Please share the love on Pinterest and help others find bachelorette party inspiration if you found these ideas helpful. You can also follow us on Pinterest for other bachelorette party and wedding-related event ideas.