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If you’re hosting a fall shower, you’ve picked a great time of year! There are so many great seasonal menu options for a fall shower, whether you’re hosting a baby shower or bridal shower. 

Fall is the cosiest season of the year, in my opinion, and you can really play the season up in your fall shower menu food and beverage menu. If you’re just getting started on planning your fall bridal shower and are looking for ideas, I encourage to check out our fall bridal shower theme ideas post to help get you started. You will likely find inspiration there and then your menu will follow suit.

Read on to see some of my favourite fall shower menu ideas:

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Fall foods to inspire your shower menu
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Choosing your fall shower menu

First, I highly recommend that you hop over to Pinterest and check out our fall bridal shower board. We’ve pinned a ton of great fall shower menu ideas and recipes on the board to help get you thinking about what to plan (and these work great for a fall baby shower, too!)

Second, use the things that are in for the season as a source of inspiration in what to choose to weave the fall theme into your menu plan, like:

  • Apples
  • Pumpkin
  • Squash
  • Corn
  • Nutmeg/cinnamon
  • Sweet potato
  • Pear
  • Beets
  • Brussels sprouts/cabbage
  • Pomegranate
  • Cherries
  • Cauliflower
  • Onion 
Fall recipes for your fall shower menu
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Fall recipe ideas for your shower menu

Using the list we compiled above, if you wanted to do a fall-themed menu, here are some of our favourite recipes using food that’s in season for fall (you can also cheat and see all the recipes below on our Pinterest board):

Apples apple strudel, apple crisp, caramelized onion, cheddar, apple and prosciutto crostini

Pumpkin – pumpkin bread, pumpkin cheesecake bars, creamy pumpkin chicken chilli

Squash – Buffalo chicken stuffed spaghetti squash, savoury rosemary and garlic roasted yellow squash, honey roasted butternut squash salad

Corn Cheesy corn fritters, potato corn chowder, corn salad with lime vinaigrette

Nutmeg/cinnamonnutmeg bread, tomato tart with nutmeg, maple pecan cinnamon rolls

Sweet potato – spicy-sweet roasted sweet potatoes, Mexican quinoa stuffed sweet potato, roasted sweet potato salad

Pear easy baked pears, pear, feta and walnut tart, Earl Grey poached pear chocolate loaf

Beets – Balsamic roasted beets, rosemary and garlic beet chips, beet hummus with pita, beet and apple salad

Brussels sprout/cabbage – caramelized brussels sprout with bacon, shaved brussels sprout salad with apple and walnuts, cabbage and sausage skillet

Pomegranate – beet pomegranate salad, quinoa pomegranate salad, pomegranate, cranberry and brie bruschetta

Cherries – cherry pie, cherry basil tabbouleh, cherry pecan wild rice pilaf

Cauliflower – maple sriracha roasted cauliflower, crispy buffalo cauliflower poppers, cauliflower soup 

Onion slow cooker French onion soup, Vidalia onion dip, sour cream, onion and cheese tea biscuits

Set up hot beverage stations or make a signature drink for your fall shower (image via Canva Pro subscription)

Fall beverage recipes and ideas

I think the best part about hosting a fall shower is getting to do some pretty awesome fall beverages! You could mix up a fall punch cocktail or do a super fun beverage station like a fancy coffee or latte bar (perfect for a love is brewing theme!), hot apple cider bar or a decadent hot chocolate station. 

Here are some of my favourite fall beverage recipe ideas I came across (again, also all posted to my Pinterest board):

Fall shower food and drink decor ideas
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Decor for your food and beverages

Last but not least, you want to consider making your food and beverage displays festive to fit in with the season and incorporate the seasonal fall theme. We love using these ideas to play up the fall feel for your shower food and drink displays:

We hope you found some great ideas to start planning out your fall shower menu! For even more great fall shower ideas and inspiration, follow us on Pinterest and check out our fall bridal shower theme ideas post.

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