The BEST bridal shower theme ideas


If you’re looking for bridal shower theme ideas, you’ve come to the right place! Planning a bridal shower can be stressful, and often the hardest part is coming up with a great bridal shower theme. 

The great news is that there are so many awesome ideas on websites like Pinterest, The Knot and Catch My Party. We’ve scoured the internet to collect some of our favourite ideas, and we even have blog posts for some of them that share even more ideas for each theme.

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Best bridal shower themes ideas collageTips for picking a bridal shower theme

Picking a bridal shower theme is often the toughest part of the bridal shower planning process.

My first tip is to decide if you need a theme at all – some brides just want a simple get together with their family and closest friends and don’t really want a theme. Sometimes, you can just simply decorate using the couple’s wedding colours and not worry about picking a theme.

My second tip for choosing a bridal shower theme is to talk to the bride – is there something in particular she wanted for her bridal shower theme? Is there anything she doesn’t want for a bridal shower theme?

The last tip is to think about the bride’s interests and things she loves – does she love the beach? Maybe an aloha bridal shower theme is the right choice. Does she want to involve her spouse and their mutual friends? Maybe a couples bridal shower is the right theme. Does she love to travel? Maybe a travel or adventure theme bridal shower might be the perfect bridal shower theme choice for her.

By figuring out if the bride wants anything in particular and thinking about her likes and interests, you can start brainstorming some great bridal shower theme ideas that will work for your bridal shower.

Bridal shower theme ideas

Here are some of the best bridal shower themes we’ve been spotting on Pinterest, Etsy and other wedding and party-planning websites. We’ve even done some blog posts with more in-depth details and ideas for some of the bridal shower themes below, so be sure to read the descriptions and click on the posts to read more. 

Bubbly brunchBrunch and bubbly bridal shower brunch

One of the top bridal shower themes we’re seeing over the last several years is a bubbly and brunch bridal shower or brunch with the bride shower.

This is a great idea that breaks the mould for bridal shower themes. Rather than having a traditional afternoon bridal shower, guests come over earlier in the morning to enjoy brunch with the bride. 

One of the best things about hosting a bridal shower brunch is that you can do a lot of prep work in advance. Rather than having to worry about prepping the food the day of, most things can be done a day or two in advance so that you can focus on other set up duties the day of the bridal shower.

Be sure to check out all our tips, ideas and menu selections for a bridal shower brunch if this is the bridal shower theme you’re thinking about!

Travel or honeymoon bridal shower theme

If the bride or soon-to-be-Mr-and-Mrs love to travel, you should consider doing a travel bridal shower theme. Decorating for this bridal shower theme is easy, and you can also consider doing some fun group gift ideas to help the couple with some of their honeymoon activities. We’ve put together a ton of fun travel bridal shower ideas here for you to read more about.

Lingerie showerClassy lingerie bridal shower

For the bride and couple who already owns everything, a lingerie bridal shower might be a fun alternative bridal shower theme! If the last thing the couple needs is another toaster oven, then consider doing this theme for something fun and different.

A word of warning about going with this theme: definitely talk to the bride first. If she’s not okay with displaying her frilly and personal gifts in front of close family and friends, this might not be the best bridal shower theme for her. However, we’ve put together a list of ideas to host a classy lingerie shower so that the bride-to-be can grow her lingerie collection in time for the honeymoon in a tasteful way. 

Teacher bridal shower theme

If you know someone who is a teacher, then going with a cute teacher bridal shower theme is another great option! The reason we love this bridal shower theme is that it’s fun to decorate for and it reflects something the bride is passionate about. We’ve put together some of our best teacher bridal shower theme ideas and we have several teacher bridal shower invitations in our Etsy shop to go along with this theme.

Seasonal bridal shower themes

Sometimes, Mother Nature is the only inspiration you need when it comes to helping select a bridal shower theme. Think about the season you’re hosting the bridal shower. For example,  if it’s fall, do a fall bridal shower theme.  If you’re hosting a winter bridal shower, you could do something fun like a “favourite things” bridal shower where guests gift the bride with their favourite items.

Aloha bridal shower theme

If there’s an excuse to marry pineapples, flamingos and anything beach themed into one party, I am all for it! An aloha bridal shower theme is perfect for any bride who might love the sun, sand and sea or who just wants to have a really fun, summery bridal shower theme. We love using cute phrases like “he had her at aloha” or “one last flamingle” for this bridal shower theme.

Check out our fun aloha/tropical bridal shower theme ideas for more ideas and inspiration.

Bride and Co bundle
Our Bride and Co. bundle comes with the invitation, signs, games, thank you cards, wishes cards and more – everything you need in one bundle!

Bride and Co/Breakfast at Tiffany’s bridal shower theme

If you have a bride that loves Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany’s our anything Tiffany and Co.-related, then you should definitely consider a Bride and Co. or Breakfast at Tiffany’s bridal shower theme!

This theme is super easy to pull off and you can do several takes on it (even inviting guests to wear their favourite little black dress and pearls, for example). We have a complete Bride and Co. bridal shower bundle that will make invitations, games and signs for this theme a breeze for you!

I Do BBQ shower

If you’re looking for a more laid-back and casual bridal shower theme, an “I Do” barbecue is a great idea! Host a casual backyard bridal shower and have a fun burger bar for guests. 

This also makes a great couples shower theme idea, and you can celebrate with the bride and groom’s mutual friends and family this way as well. And be sure to check out our “I Do BBQ” invitations in our shop to help you invite guests to the celebration.

Display shower insert
Our display shower inserts will explain to your guests what a display shower is.

Display bridal shower theme

A modern bridal shower theme that is seeing a big rise in popularity is a display bridal shower theme

Modern brides are opting for this bridal shower theme because it focuses less on being “showered” with gifts and focuses more on spending time to talk to friends, family and loved ones. With this theme, guests bring the gifts unwrapped with simply a bow/ribbon and a gift tag on them. The gifts are then put on “display” so guests can still see what the bride-to-be received, but it cuts down big time on the time spent opening gifts. 

We’ve put together a post about everything you need to know about display bridal showers, and we have you covered with explaining how it works to guests with a variety of display shower inserts to include along with your bridal shower invitations.

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Pancakes and pajamas bridal shower theme

Another non-traditional bridal shower theme that is growing in popularity is a pancakes and pajamas bridal shower theme. Guests come over earlier in the morning for a pancake breakfast (any excuse to host a pancake buffet with all the toppings) and show up in their comfiest PJs for a casual, laid back affair. We also love the idea of doing a fun coffee and tea bar with some fun fixings to go along with it, and for favours, you could do a small bag of coffee beans with a cute little “thanks a latte for coming” saying on it. How cute! 

Stock the bar bridal shower theme

Another great option for the couple who already has everything is a stock the bar bridal shower! Encourage guests to bring wine, spirits and bar accessories to help the newlyweds stock their bar and entertaining after they become Mr. and Mrs!

Another fun idea to go along with this theme: hire a mixologist to come in and teach the bridal shower guests how to make some fun drinks. 

Garden party bridal shower theme

A garden party bridal shower theme is perfect if you or someone you know has an exquisite backyard that would be perfect for an outdoor bridal shower! Just be sure if you’re going with this theme that you have a back-up plan, like putting up an outdoor tent overhead, in case there’s less-than-ideal weather on the day of the bridal shower.

Pick a floral bridal shower invitation to invite guests to the shower and use your existing flower pots and garden accessories as decoration.

Moody floral invitation by Pretty Printables Ink
Our gorgeous moody floral invitations are an elegant touch to your bridal shower

Dark and moody bohemian bridal shower theme

If you have a modern bride who loves the moody theme we’re seeing all over Pinterest and weddings this year, then consider doing a bohemian dark and moody theme. Think dark, rich colours like black, forest green and burgundy mixed in with delicate flowers for decorations. There are lots of great decorating ideas on Pinterest and we have several moody bridal shower invitations that would be perfect for this theme!

Tea party bridal shower theme

We love the idea of hosting a “high tea” bridal shower where you can serve all kind of delicious delicacies like pastries, finger sandwiches, macarons, scones and more! This theme makes picking your menu selection easy, plus you can put hot water in an urn and do a tea station for guests. If you have a nice backyard or outdoor setting to host the shower in, this is a perfect theme to compliment your bridal shower venue. 

Spa themed bridal shower

For the bride who likes to be pampered, a spa-themed bridal shower might be right up her alley!  Look into mobile spa companies in your city that come and do spa treatments like manis and pedis in your home. This would be a fun activity for a smaller bridal shower, but might not work for a larger guest list.

Another option for a spa-themed bridal shower could be to make DIY spa items like essential oil rollers, bath bombs, bath soaks, and more. 

Mediterranean themed bridal shower

Take your guests on a far-away journey with a Mediterranean-theme bridal shower. Mediterranean everything seems to be all the rage lately! If the bride loves all things Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Greek, then this could be a great theme to consider! Whether you’re wanting to use greenery and eucalyptus leaves on your invitation and decor, or if you’re loving a bold chinoiserie tile pattern and splashes of bright lemon yellow, there are endless possibilities for this theme. 

Couples shower theme

Why limit the bridal shower to the bride and female family and friends only? Much like the “I do” BBQ mentioned earlier, times are changing and traditions are, too! Consider hosting a couples shower so that both the bride and groom can enjoy the chance to celebrate with loved ones and their mutual friends.

We even have some fun couples shower games that are perfect for this theme!

Destination bridal shower

A big trend this year is the rise of the destination bridal shower! Brides are foregoing the traditional bridal shower at home and gathering

their closest family and friends for a bridal shower weekend away. This is a great theme idea if the bride has family and friends scattered throughout the country. It’s also great for anyone who was planning a bachelorette weekend away, as most brides who opt for a destination bridal shower tend to do the bachelorette party that weekend as well.

Celestial theme – written in the stars bridal shower theme

Their love was written in the stars! If the bride-to-be loves all things celestial and astrology-related, then a celestial-themed party could be a great option for your bridal shower theme. Bring in a local astrologer to come and predict your guest’s horoscopes for an added dose of fun to tie in this theme. 

Mint to Be bundle
Our Mint to Be bundle comes with an invitation, games and signs all in one package.

Mint to Be bridal shower theme

This super cute theme is an adorable way to celebrate a fun couple! We have a great mint to be bridal shower bundle that comes with an invite, games and signs to help you pull off this theme. For a fun game, you could fill a jar full of Hersey’s chocolate mint kisses and have guests guess how many kisses are in the jar. And for favours, a cute tin of mints or Tic Tacs with a “mint to be” label wrapped around them is the perfect parting touch for your guests.

Fiesta bridal shower theme

A fiesta-themed bridal shower is perfect for the bride who loves a little fiesta and spice! There’s lots of cute sayings/ideas you can incorporate for this bridal shower theme, like “Ole! She’s changing her last name” and “One last fiesta.” For food, you could do a taco bar station and a margarita station. Decorations are easy – think cacti, Mexican bunting and some cute striped Mexican tablecloths for decoration. 

Bucket list bridal shower

We love the idea of a “bucket list bridal shower.” This can go one of two ways: you ask the couple what their “bucket list” items are and try to theme your gifts and activities for the shower around it. Another option is to include a blank card with the invitation or at the shower where guests write down their ideas of what “marriage bucket list” items the couple should tick off their list. Compile the cards into a fun little album or scrapbook and present to the bride-and-groom!

Flannel and Fizz invitation by Pretty Printables Ink
Our flannel and fizz bridal shower invitations come in several colour options

Flannel and fizz bridal shower

We LOVE this theme for a mountain or lake getaway weekend, fall bridal shower or winter bridal shower! This flannel and fizz bridal shower theme is a perfect idea for the bride who loves the great outdoors or for a bride who would like a cozy bridal shower brunch. We have several adorable flannel and fizz bridal shower invitations available for you to purchase as well.

Love is brewing bridal shower theme

This is a super cute and cozy theme for all the caffeine-loving brides out there. I especially love this theme for a fall bridal shower theme or winter bridal shower theme. It’s an easy theme to pull off, and you can feature all sorts of fun things with a coffee bar and tea bar for guests. Pair these with some tasty desserts like pie, pastries and other desserts, and you’ll have a theme everyone will love!

We hope you enjoyed our bridal shower theme ideas! 

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